Monday, September 29, 2014

#BecauseOfHim WEEK 68!

Lieve Familie,

              I am grateful to be serving a full time mission.

      This week we saw many miracles and held, what I thought, one of the best zone trainings I have ever been apart of. All these miracles and great experiences happened due to the ''energy'' that people were feeling or in other words the Spirit of the Lord. The Holy Ghost is something many of us feel or even the Light of Christ is something we all experience daily in our lives, but the true matter is; many of us do not recognize it and are unaware of it or many of us (non-members) give it the name of ''energy''. Well the spirit is real and the fruits thereof are ''But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,..Meekness, temperance'' (Galatians 5:22-23) Search for it because that is the love of God and that is where true wisdom and true knowledge can be found.

       As I said however, this week was great. We had an amazing zone training in which we trained all our missionaries in our zone for a period of 4 hours. I learned a lot. We are now preparing another training coming up in 2 weeks (Temple conference) in which we will be training 3 zones in our mission at once for a period of 2 hours with some of the other leaders. It should be fun and I am very excited.

      This week was full of many exchanges, which gave me the privilege to serve side by side with amazing missionaries and learn much from them. It also opened up many teaching opportunities for me. This up coming week we have 4 exchanges planned within 5 days and are also giving another training on Saturday to our District Leaders.. So in other words it is just BUSY BUSY BUSY! But I wouldn’t have it any other way because we are all ''anxiously engaged in a good cause''.

        Family I would like to just touch real quick on a sensitive subject.. Exactly 7 years and 1 day ago Gram Gram passed away and left us to go return back to our Heavenly Father. I have been thinking a lot about my Grandma and how much of an impact she has made personally in my life. Accepting the nicknames such as; G-Unit, G-Slice, etc. and putting up with all of us as her grandchildren.. She truly was a great example of a pure and patient heart. To be honest I miss her a lot. Her picture is my bookmark for my personal scriptures so I see her beautiful smile every morning and I am always reminded of her un-relentless love. Well this last week I came across an article and a good friend of mine said the following after losing his brother on his mission...''I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and because of this God isn't testing my faith, but he is testing my patience.''
         Death is never a test of faith because ''..there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.'' (Mosiah 16:8) The grave hath no victory, the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ. Losing someone close to you is not easy, but never forget it is a of test of your patience. You will see each other again. Faith gives you Hope and I have a heart full of faith and hope to see Gram Gram (my grandma) again, but it is just a matter of being patient until then.
     I have learned so many things on my mission and have met so many people who have changed my life. I am grateful to be serving a full time mission.

      Peeps I love you all. Really I love you. Family you are my everything.
       Big Dude


Us following our zone training.

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