Monday, October 28, 2013


     Where do I even begin with this week's email... Familie this week has been one of the most spiritual weeks thus far on my mission. NOUGH SAID *(insert big smiley emoji).
    The TEMPLE! On Tuesday we had the chance as a mission to go the beautiful Zoetermeer Temple and OOH MIJN HEMEL! Being a missionary and attending the temple here is something that just can not be explained, only experienced. We were able to do a whole endowment session and it was one of the most humbling and grateful experiences of my life as we went through the whole session in Dutch. Simply amazing. haha and then just to top it off... we got to all be in that "one special room" with not only all the other missionaries, but with President and Sister Robinson. It was an experience I will never forget with recieving revelation and feeling the spirit.
      I must say though, that was just the start to one of the coolest weeks here on the mish thus far because.... WE BAPTIZED! Yup Elder Thomas and I baptized on Saturday. We have been teaching a man named Albert who has been investigating the church for about 6 months now and has had baptismal dates in the past, but could never actually do it. Well after the Temple we went to Albert's house to go check up on him, before we went in we said a prayer and asked the Lord to bless Albert with strength to be baptized. Well family and friends, the Lord answers prayers. We went in and we commited Albert back to baptism and he actually told us he wants to be baptized the next Saturday! The spirit once again was so strong. So on Thursday President Robinson came down and gave him the baptismal interview and Albert was "KLAAR"! Saturday October 26, 2013 Albert Ramautarsing was baptized by my Companion Elder Thomas and the next day (Sunday) in sacrament meeting, which just so happened to be a farewell in church that day and the Stake President was speaking also so instead of having 80 members there in sacrament there was 250, I gave Albert the Gift of the Holy Ghost and a blessing. (It was a good thing the Lord blessed me with good Dutch that day!) haha.  Family I can't even explain it, but I can tell you that the spirit was there and that my testimony has grown so much this last week.
     So Familiy it,s been an exciting week here in Den Haag and lets just say that we are working our butts off right now to bring people closer to Christ. We have another baptism of the 16th van November with a girl named Barry who Elder Thomas and I have been teaching since my first day here in the land. We are still working with Kelt and we taught him yesterday. Him and I have a good bond/chemistry with one another and He is an actual real dutch man so it's gonna take some time for him to come to Christ, but I know that the Lord has got a plan for him and that this guy is going to be a Kingdom Builder. We are also teaching a girl named Ethlyn right now and we have a goal to set a baptismal date with her this upcoming week. 
   Familie my mission thus far has been definitely hard, but there is no doubt that the Lord has a plan for me and that I am in the right place right now. I miss you all like crazy, but I really am putting my whole heart and trust in the Lord right now and letting him lead me to people who are in need of the gospel. I love my mission, I love you guys and miss you SOOOO MUCH! I think about you all everyday, everynight, every second. But the Lord is watching over you all. LOVE YOU and..
-Elder Cook
Ps: I got you letters and packages this last week. LOVED'EM! Thank you all for the prayers.
Albert after I gave him the Holy Ghost


Elder Christensen and I

Does this guy look familiar...?? (Elder Taggart)

Monday, October 21, 2013


      Family, family, family.... where to begin?! Ahhhhhhh! Family thank you all for the encouraging emails this week and also just the love that I feel from you all every single day. Each and every one of you are so special and mean the WORLD to me. I'm so grateful for you guys.
     Well DEN HAAG! Let me first say that transfers were pretty crazy...AGAIN! I just absolutely love packing and then moving my 3 suitcases (and Bruce- my bike) from train to train to train....... hahah it seriously is so crazy and an adventure every time. My new companion is now Elder Thomas and yes we both came out of the MTC together, but weren't in the same district.
      But family, Den Haag is so blessed! Holy cow I haven't even been here a week and Elder Thomas and I have already given out two baptism invitations! The first day I got here we went and had a BOMB lesson with a girl named Barry (she is from Sierra Lieon)  and OOOH MIJN HEMEL SHE'S GONNA GET BAPTIZED!!!! We set the date for November 9th, which is inside this transfer so there is no way I will be transfered by then! Lets just say it's a blessing from the Lord. Then on the first Sunday I was here we had ANOTHER MIRACLE! We had another guy named Kelt walk into church with his less active girlfriend from the Philippines and he was so prepared by the Lord also. He is a 20 year old Dutch guy and super cool. Him and I clicked instantly as I spent all of Sunday with him in the church. After church we asked if we could teach him and his less active girlfriend.... well lets just say, we taught the most BOMB first lesson I've ever taught on my mission! The spirit was so strong as we bore testimony (not gonna lie I may or may not have had tears streaming down my face at one point) and we gave him a baptism invitation. He didn't accept right away, but he also didn't deny it! So I just gotta say... THANK YOU LORD-FINALLY SOME SUCCESS!! hahahh
     So yes as you can see I'm not sure if it is just Den Haag being such a blessed city or what, but this last transfer (me coming to Den Haag) I firmly believe and know that it was inspired. It was no accident or coincidence that I have been transfered so much and ended up now in Den Haag. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways and I love it. I have set my own personal goal this transfer to reallly get in tune and "hungry" for the spirit because in missionary work, the spirit is the "silver bullet"! (insert winking emoji here)
      Familie I love you guys so much. The Lord has given us all so much and sometimes it can be easy to forget it. I strongly encourage and invite you all to realize the hand of the Lord everyday in our normal lives and JUST BE GRATEFUL! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
                -Elder Cook(ie)
Ps: Sorry this email is a little short and not much detail, I only had 45 minutes or so!

Bye bye Harry Van de Sande!
Transfer train ride at 6 in the morning with Red bull!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Ik heb geen idee wat ik niew kan zeggen....
   Familie I'm getting transferred... AGAIN! I'm seriously so stunned and shocked about it, but I guess it's just what the Lord wants from me. I will be leaving the four man here in Eindhoven, that I've absolutely fallen in love with, on Wednesday and head up to the coast to a big city called Den Haag! My new companion will be Elder Thomas and actually he was in the MTC with me -so looks like it's going to be two young missionaries holding down one big'ol city! This now makes it 3 different companions and 3 big cities in only 3 transfers for me, which is never heard of.  You could say that I have mixed emotions about it...BUT the Lord wants me there apparently and the only thing to do here is simply Enjoy to the End and put my trust in the Lord.
   But about my week here in Eindhoven, which just so happened to be my last - It was a good and super fun week! Earlier in the week I got to go on splits with another missionary and we taught a young girl named Mandy, she is only 14 years old and I'm not even joking, it felt like I was teaching Chloe! The whole time we were teaching Chloe's face just kept popping into my mind!!!!!! It was sooo cool though and the spirit was so strong and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to teach her before I left. Also this week Elder Cockbain and I worked hard on my boy Kenneth and his two daughters. We were able to teach them and give them one of those little Book of Mormon for kids and invited them to read it. This week we were planning on giving them the baptism commitment, but well.... i'll be in Den Haag so it will be all up to Elder Cockbain and his new greenie! I'm super excited to see what happens in the future here in Eindhoven and a little bummed to leave my work here behind, but there is always more work to do!
    Today the "mensen vier" -the nickname for our four man here in Eindhoven- is spending our last p-day together and totally just chillin hard, "not sketch at all" but we decided to all go take pics together since we wont be seeing each other for a long time. It was some of the most fun I've had (just wait until you see the pics).
    Familie I am sad, excited, shocked, nervous, so happy, and so humbled for having the opportunity to serve here in Eindhoven and live with these 3 stud Elders! This next week is going to be another one of those experiences for me with ups and downs, but I guess you could say that I am just grateful for my mission experience thus far and am looking forward to this unknown path that lays ahead of me. There is "no looking back" (D&C 133:15)
        Familie nu ik wil een korte getuigenis in nederlands met jullie delen omdat ya ik het kan doen!  Familie ik hou van jullie heel veel en miss jullie ook maar Ik weet dat ik in de juiste plek nu ben. A zending is iets dat ik nooit zal vergeten. Ik ben zeer dankbaar voor alles de Heer mij gegeven heeft, especially voor jullie. Jullie bedoel so veel te mij en jullie alle maal hebben een speciaal plek binnen mij hart. Deze kerk is waar, het evangelie is de echt plan voor eeuwig geluk en vreugda in dit leven te krigen. Ik zal voor jullie al tijd bidden.
  Family I love you guys. Truly I do.
  -Elder Cook


           Benschoplaan 42
           2546 RJ Den Haag
PS: I must say this last Sunday was super cool because there were 2 baby blessings here in the Ward and the whole time I was just picturing Jake giving Henry his blessing. The Lord definitely is mindful of each and every one of us and I am so grateful for having that knowledge.

Monday, October 7, 2013

``Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith´´

      Familie Familie ooooohh FAMILIE! What a week. This week has been so busy and just a spiritual overload! The week began with seeing Grandma Jo and Eric which was just an indescribable experience and something I will never forget. Then just two days after I got the opportunity to spend some time with President and Zuster Robinson for interviews which was just what I needed.  En daarna I spent a day in Heerlen (right by the Germany boarder) for exchanges doing work with the District Leader, and then the following day I went down to Brussels, Belgium to pick up my legality and didn't get home until late the next day! So it was one of the most hectic weeks I´ve had on my mission, spending pretty much no time here in Eindhoven! And after all this..........
BAM Conference came!
      Conference as a missionary seriously is just such a special feeling. Of course it got me a little homesick seeing that beautiful SLC valley and Temple, but I got over it pretty fast.....maybe.... haha I just remember the last time watching Conference at home and sitting on the couch trying my best to not let my eyes close and being so excited for the lekker breakfast Mom would make. Nowwww its just completely different. I mean watching all the morning sessions at night (inside members homes)  and the Priesthood session in the morning (inside member homes) was definitely different, but also the whole meaning of Conference is just so special and different to me now. The talks were inspired and the messages they shared were real. In the Sunday morning session President Monson got up and said "this has been the most inspired Conference of his 50 years in the quorum" -(something like that). HOW AMAZING. Every talk that was given, every song that was sung had an inspirational meaning behind it. I definitely can not pick my favorite talk, but Uchtdorf and Erying nailed it. So did Elder Dube and also Elder Nelson. THEY WERE ALL JUST AMAZING THO! Unfortunately I haven't heard or seen Elder Hollands yet, but I plan on doing that soon.
For the first time in my life I was spiritualy drained. The whole week was just a spiritual overload- spending one on one time with President and Zuster Robinson was such a strong spiritual uplifting moment and the spirit just stuck with me through out the week leading all the way into Conference.
Family I must say that being a missionary here in Europe has been such a blessing and humbling experience for me thus far. Every day is a challenge and every day is a memory. I have learned something called `"a totally mind shift" that I now use daily which leads me to think only upon the positives in life and not dwell on the negatives. I have learned and gained appreciation everyday for the Lord and the blessings he has given me. The Lord's plan simply is the plan of happiness. This gospel is the way to attain true happiness and my testimony grows for it each day. As we all heard in Conference and as we all have experienced for ourselves, life is not easy. Depression, sadness, loneliness, and frustration is real. Life and our trails sometimes just absolutely seem unbearable and impossible to overcome... but familie..... I KNOW and so do YOU that no matter what, you have someone there for you. His plan is real and it is for us. 
I love you guys so much and you all are in a special place in my heart. I am grateful for you guys, truly grateful.
-Elder Cook
    (D&C 6:22-23)
Ps:   Family don't think that I am changing into some "missionary nerd" or something, I am still the good old Jason who just this last p-day spent the morning cleaning the apartment in his speedo ;)   
-Stay classy San Diego



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ummmm SURPRISE? Week 16!

     Well I guess I´ll start out this email by saying yes Grandma Jo and Eric are literally sitting next to me as I type this email.... CRAZY AND SUPER COOL! As you all know they totally surprised me last night with a knock on our apaprtment door and lets just say it was one of those speechless moments, I didn't even know what to do! hahah But it has been super cool to spend the day with them and just catch up and all.
   But about this week and missionary life! Well this week we had Zone Conference with the misson president and the whole zone, and lets just say that we were lookin flyyyyyyy!! (check out the pics) I may or may not have bought a new suit......hehe! It was a super spiritual conference and it is always great to see all of my mission buddies again and to hear/see the President. Also this week Elder Cockbain and I did some serious hard core missionary work as we spent several hours this week looking up all the past investigators in our area and of course... LOTS OF CONTACTING yayyy!  haha but we did have something super cool happen. We were looking up a formal investigator and unfortunately he wasn't home. However as we were leaving we saw him walking down the street so we were able to contact him! He told us about his problems in life and how he was way to busy to ever come to church or to ever take the lessons. So we did what all missionaries should do..we just flat out bore testimony to him right there on the street and invited him to church! Familie the spirit was there. It was so cool that we could just each bare out testimonies so strong right there on the street and all three of us could feel the spirit! ..... Welll guess what?!? yup he came to church the next day and brought his 2 daughters also! BOOM MIRACLE!  It was amazing to see the Lord work his ways like that.
but there really was just a whole lot that happened this week I just can't really describe it all or write a good email right now because my mind is just blank -still in a little shock from the visitors I have now! hahah
     Familie life is good though! Missionary life is awesome! My testimony is growing everyday and yeah mission life isn't easy, but nobody said it was gonna be. I'm super excited to listen to the prophet this weekend and hear the inspiring words. I'm going to be thinking about you all as I sit in some dutch home or church listening to them speak (especially during priesthood session Jake and Dad) so just know that I'm always thinking about you guys! I love you all so much and miss you all so much! I'm gonna do some videos on Grandma Jo's ipad and then she is gonna send 'em to you all! So be prepared! I love you all and may the lord bless and be with each of you!

 -Elder Cook
Enjoy To The End

Zone Conference
Zone Conference
Surprise Visitors