Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ummmm SURPRISE? Week 16!

     Well I guess I´ll start out this email by saying yes Grandma Jo and Eric are literally sitting next to me as I type this email.... CRAZY AND SUPER COOL! As you all know they totally surprised me last night with a knock on our apaprtment door and lets just say it was one of those speechless moments, I didn't even know what to do! hahah But it has been super cool to spend the day with them and just catch up and all.
   But about this week and missionary life! Well this week we had Zone Conference with the misson president and the whole zone, and lets just say that we were lookin flyyyyyyy!! (check out the pics) I may or may not have bought a new suit......hehe! It was a super spiritual conference and it is always great to see all of my mission buddies again and to hear/see the President. Also this week Elder Cockbain and I did some serious hard core missionary work as we spent several hours this week looking up all the past investigators in our area and of course... LOTS OF CONTACTING yayyy!  haha but we did have something super cool happen. We were looking up a formal investigator and unfortunately he wasn't home. However as we were leaving we saw him walking down the street so we were able to contact him! He told us about his problems in life and how he was way to busy to ever come to church or to ever take the lessons. So we did what all missionaries should do..we just flat out bore testimony to him right there on the street and invited him to church! Familie the spirit was there. It was so cool that we could just each bare out testimonies so strong right there on the street and all three of us could feel the spirit! ..... Welll guess what?!? yup he came to church the next day and brought his 2 daughters also! BOOM MIRACLE!  It was amazing to see the Lord work his ways like that.
but there really was just a whole lot that happened this week I just can't really describe it all or write a good email right now because my mind is just blank -still in a little shock from the visitors I have now! hahah
     Familie life is good though! Missionary life is awesome! My testimony is growing everyday and yeah mission life isn't easy, but nobody said it was gonna be. I'm super excited to listen to the prophet this weekend and hear the inspiring words. I'm going to be thinking about you all as I sit in some dutch home or church listening to them speak (especially during priesthood session Jake and Dad) so just know that I'm always thinking about you guys! I love you all so much and miss you all so much! I'm gonna do some videos on Grandma Jo's ipad and then she is gonna send 'em to you all! So be prepared! I love you all and may the lord bless and be with each of you!

 -Elder Cook
Enjoy To The End

Zone Conference
Zone Conference
Surprise Visitors 

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