Monday, October 21, 2013


      Family, family, family.... where to begin?! Ahhhhhhh! Family thank you all for the encouraging emails this week and also just the love that I feel from you all every single day. Each and every one of you are so special and mean the WORLD to me. I'm so grateful for you guys.
     Well DEN HAAG! Let me first say that transfers were pretty crazy...AGAIN! I just absolutely love packing and then moving my 3 suitcases (and Bruce- my bike) from train to train to train....... hahah it seriously is so crazy and an adventure every time. My new companion is now Elder Thomas and yes we both came out of the MTC together, but weren't in the same district.
      But family, Den Haag is so blessed! Holy cow I haven't even been here a week and Elder Thomas and I have already given out two baptism invitations! The first day I got here we went and had a BOMB lesson with a girl named Barry (she is from Sierra Lieon)  and OOOH MIJN HEMEL SHE'S GONNA GET BAPTIZED!!!! We set the date for November 9th, which is inside this transfer so there is no way I will be transfered by then! Lets just say it's a blessing from the Lord. Then on the first Sunday I was here we had ANOTHER MIRACLE! We had another guy named Kelt walk into church with his less active girlfriend from the Philippines and he was so prepared by the Lord also. He is a 20 year old Dutch guy and super cool. Him and I clicked instantly as I spent all of Sunday with him in the church. After church we asked if we could teach him and his less active girlfriend.... well lets just say, we taught the most BOMB first lesson I've ever taught on my mission! The spirit was so strong as we bore testimony (not gonna lie I may or may not have had tears streaming down my face at one point) and we gave him a baptism invitation. He didn't accept right away, but he also didn't deny it! So I just gotta say... THANK YOU LORD-FINALLY SOME SUCCESS!! hahahh
     So yes as you can see I'm not sure if it is just Den Haag being such a blessed city or what, but this last transfer (me coming to Den Haag) I firmly believe and know that it was inspired. It was no accident or coincidence that I have been transfered so much and ended up now in Den Haag. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways and I love it. I have set my own personal goal this transfer to reallly get in tune and "hungry" for the spirit because in missionary work, the spirit is the "silver bullet"! (insert winking emoji here)
      Familie I love you guys so much. The Lord has given us all so much and sometimes it can be easy to forget it. I strongly encourage and invite you all to realize the hand of the Lord everyday in our normal lives and JUST BE GRATEFUL! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
                -Elder Cook(ie)
Ps: Sorry this email is a little short and not much detail, I only had 45 minutes or so!

Bye bye Harry Van de Sande!
Transfer train ride at 6 in the morning with Red bull!

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