Monday, October 14, 2013


Ik heb geen idee wat ik niew kan zeggen....
   Familie I'm getting transferred... AGAIN! I'm seriously so stunned and shocked about it, but I guess it's just what the Lord wants from me. I will be leaving the four man here in Eindhoven, that I've absolutely fallen in love with, on Wednesday and head up to the coast to a big city called Den Haag! My new companion will be Elder Thomas and actually he was in the MTC with me -so looks like it's going to be two young missionaries holding down one big'ol city! This now makes it 3 different companions and 3 big cities in only 3 transfers for me, which is never heard of.  You could say that I have mixed emotions about it...BUT the Lord wants me there apparently and the only thing to do here is simply Enjoy to the End and put my trust in the Lord.
   But about my week here in Eindhoven, which just so happened to be my last - It was a good and super fun week! Earlier in the week I got to go on splits with another missionary and we taught a young girl named Mandy, she is only 14 years old and I'm not even joking, it felt like I was teaching Chloe! The whole time we were teaching Chloe's face just kept popping into my mind!!!!!! It was sooo cool though and the spirit was so strong and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to teach her before I left. Also this week Elder Cockbain and I worked hard on my boy Kenneth and his two daughters. We were able to teach them and give them one of those little Book of Mormon for kids and invited them to read it. This week we were planning on giving them the baptism commitment, but well.... i'll be in Den Haag so it will be all up to Elder Cockbain and his new greenie! I'm super excited to see what happens in the future here in Eindhoven and a little bummed to leave my work here behind, but there is always more work to do!
    Today the "mensen vier" -the nickname for our four man here in Eindhoven- is spending our last p-day together and totally just chillin hard, "not sketch at all" but we decided to all go take pics together since we wont be seeing each other for a long time. It was some of the most fun I've had (just wait until you see the pics).
    Familie I am sad, excited, shocked, nervous, so happy, and so humbled for having the opportunity to serve here in Eindhoven and live with these 3 stud Elders! This next week is going to be another one of those experiences for me with ups and downs, but I guess you could say that I am just grateful for my mission experience thus far and am looking forward to this unknown path that lays ahead of me. There is "no looking back" (D&C 133:15)
        Familie nu ik wil een korte getuigenis in nederlands met jullie delen omdat ya ik het kan doen!  Familie ik hou van jullie heel veel en miss jullie ook maar Ik weet dat ik in de juiste plek nu ben. A zending is iets dat ik nooit zal vergeten. Ik ben zeer dankbaar voor alles de Heer mij gegeven heeft, especially voor jullie. Jullie bedoel so veel te mij en jullie alle maal hebben een speciaal plek binnen mij hart. Deze kerk is waar, het evangelie is de echt plan voor eeuwig geluk en vreugda in dit leven te krigen. Ik zal voor jullie al tijd bidden.
  Family I love you guys. Truly I do.
  -Elder Cook


           Benschoplaan 42
           2546 RJ Den Haag
PS: I must say this last Sunday was super cool because there were 2 baby blessings here in the Ward and the whole time I was just picturing Jake giving Henry his blessing. The Lord definitely is mindful of each and every one of us and I am so grateful for having that knowledge.

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