Monday, October 7, 2013

``Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith´´

      Familie Familie ooooohh FAMILIE! What a week. This week has been so busy and just a spiritual overload! The week began with seeing Grandma Jo and Eric which was just an indescribable experience and something I will never forget. Then just two days after I got the opportunity to spend some time with President and Zuster Robinson for interviews which was just what I needed.  En daarna I spent a day in Heerlen (right by the Germany boarder) for exchanges doing work with the District Leader, and then the following day I went down to Brussels, Belgium to pick up my legality and didn't get home until late the next day! So it was one of the most hectic weeks I´ve had on my mission, spending pretty much no time here in Eindhoven! And after all this..........
BAM Conference came!
      Conference as a missionary seriously is just such a special feeling. Of course it got me a little homesick seeing that beautiful SLC valley and Temple, but I got over it pretty fast.....maybe.... haha I just remember the last time watching Conference at home and sitting on the couch trying my best to not let my eyes close and being so excited for the lekker breakfast Mom would make. Nowwww its just completely different. I mean watching all the morning sessions at night (inside members homes)  and the Priesthood session in the morning (inside member homes) was definitely different, but also the whole meaning of Conference is just so special and different to me now. The talks were inspired and the messages they shared were real. In the Sunday morning session President Monson got up and said "this has been the most inspired Conference of his 50 years in the quorum" -(something like that). HOW AMAZING. Every talk that was given, every song that was sung had an inspirational meaning behind it. I definitely can not pick my favorite talk, but Uchtdorf and Erying nailed it. So did Elder Dube and also Elder Nelson. THEY WERE ALL JUST AMAZING THO! Unfortunately I haven't heard or seen Elder Hollands yet, but I plan on doing that soon.
For the first time in my life I was spiritualy drained. The whole week was just a spiritual overload- spending one on one time with President and Zuster Robinson was such a strong spiritual uplifting moment and the spirit just stuck with me through out the week leading all the way into Conference.
Family I must say that being a missionary here in Europe has been such a blessing and humbling experience for me thus far. Every day is a challenge and every day is a memory. I have learned something called `"a totally mind shift" that I now use daily which leads me to think only upon the positives in life and not dwell on the negatives. I have learned and gained appreciation everyday for the Lord and the blessings he has given me. The Lord's plan simply is the plan of happiness. This gospel is the way to attain true happiness and my testimony grows for it each day. As we all heard in Conference and as we all have experienced for ourselves, life is not easy. Depression, sadness, loneliness, and frustration is real. Life and our trails sometimes just absolutely seem unbearable and impossible to overcome... but familie..... I KNOW and so do YOU that no matter what, you have someone there for you. His plan is real and it is for us. 
I love you guys so much and you all are in a special place in my heart. I am grateful for you guys, truly grateful.
-Elder Cook
    (D&C 6:22-23)
Ps:   Family don't think that I am changing into some "missionary nerd" or something, I am still the good old Jason who just this last p-day spent the morning cleaning the apartment in his speedo ;)   
-Stay classy San Diego



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