Monday, September 15, 2014

Eindhoven WEEK 66!

Lieve Familie,

      Soooo lets start off with the news... Elder Cook will be going back to Eindhoven! Yup that’s right I am getting transferred to go serve in Eindhoven. It is always hard to leave an area and get transferred, but I am really excited for this next assignment I have been given. If you guys can remember Eindhoven was my second area on my mission and I am stoked to be going back. Actually kind of crazy but exactly one year ago I was there... wow time flies soooo fast! My new companion will be Elder Rudolph. I have already informed him that I will be his Santa. So yeaaaah time to pack up all the bags again and have some more change!

  I think Elder Lovin is going to miss me. This past week we had many spiritual talks just about being here on the mission and I spent lots of time just comforting him and letting him know that everything is going to be alright and that the mission is the best possible place you can be right now in your life.

This last week we had visitors come into our mission. Elder Ballard came and also President Hallstrom. It was just absolutely amazing and I learned a lot. Elder Ballard is truly an apostle of Jesus Christ. Since they came we spent two days outside of Emmen pretty much traveling and also visiting people in Den Haag. It was just a great week overall. I seriously cannot complain. Great week to end on here in Emmen and I feel really good about leaving, the fact that I feel like I have done my fair share of work here and I am leaving this place better then I came. Soo we are staying happy and positive!

 Peeps the mission has changed my life. I definitely don’t feel like the same person and my perspective in life has changed. I have never felt so close to my friend and Savior Jesus Christ in my entire life. I feel the love of God constantly and with this feeling comes a constant feeling a joy, peace, and calmness. If there are any of you who are young or thinking about going on a mission... quit thinking and just go. It will be the best decision of your life.
 Faith, Hope, The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about taking action and learning along the way. With fear comes doubt, but all fear and doubt can be over won with faith and hope. I know that God is real and that his love for us is a relentless love. A perfect love. Jesus Christ has become someone so important to me. He is my friend and has never left my side. My testimony has grown sooo much that it scares me, but I have felt what it is and I cannot deny it.

I love my mission but it is a love that I have learned to have. A love that I choose for and work for. It is a love that takes away all fear. It’s pretty darn powerful.

Nowwww I love you guys too. I love my family soo much and I miss you all so much. You guys are my everything. Be safe please and quit breaking your noses.... just go kick some necks off will ya?!?

I love you all!

  Big Dude

 Ps My new address is.....


Last pic is with Ethlyn.... she is all baptised now and soooo happy!
First time I've been able to see her since Den Haag!

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