Monday, September 22, 2014


Lieve Familie,

             Wow. (Mission life makes you say ``wow´´ A LOT). What a crazzy busy week! It is great to be back in Eindhoven. I am not sure if you guys can all remember Harry Van De Sande?? But all I can say is that I LOVE BEING BACK WITH THAT MAN! Haha He is just awesome. Being back in Eindhoven so far as been so exciting but also very different and challenging. But if you’re not being challenged in life, then you’re really not meeting your potential right?? I am a firm believer in challenges and trial because you are ``Sterker door Strijd´´ (stronger through struggle)! Heavenly Father is great peeps.

            Elder Rudolph (my new companion) is from the northern part of the world.. A little place called Kaysville, Utah. He is a football player so in that aspect we have a lot in common. Did I mention that he played left tackle for Davis High School?? Sooo he is one big boy:) He is cool though and I am excited to build up a relationship with him.

          The past couple of days have just been crazy as we have been having Mission Leader Councils and also giving trainings. This week we will be giving our zone training in which we will spend 4 hours training all of the members of our zone. Our schedule is just booked and seriously it has just been stressful and super busyness (if that is a word)! Looking ahead at this transfer it looks like we will be going on 4 exchanges a week leaving me with barley any time to actually work here in Eindhoven besides on the weekends. It should be fun though as I have the privilege to work with so many new missionaries!

          Life is all about meeting people. I am so grateful for all the people I have met during my mission. Seriously I have met so many people who have just absolutely changed my life or made a major impact on me. I have been thinking a lot at how Heavenly Father arranges this all... people meeting people.. Because I know that He sends people to us or we are sent to certain people. He simply works miracles this way! But I have made my own personal goal and that is... God is sending people to me and putting them on my path; I am also sent to certain people and put upon their path- this path is the pathway back to our Heavenly Father. One day we will die, that is a part of Gods plan, but before then let us all work together to help others and ourselves return back to our Heavenly Father by bringing them the Pure Love of his son Jesus Christ. Christ is love. I love him. Help others and also ourselves to ``come unto Christ and be perfected in Him´´. He loves us; let us share this love with one another. Pay attention to the people you meet.

             As for love.... I love you guys. Seriously I.LOVE.YOU! I miss you also. But I know I am supposed to be here. Family is everything to me. You Mom, Dad, Candace, Winston, Nora, Leo, Jake, Brooke, Henry, Carly, and Chloe - you are my everything.

            Big Dude

(Ps: I don’t have any photos yet of here in Eindhoven..Sorry!)
(Pics are all of saying goodbyes in Emmen)


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