Monday, March 31, 2014

Sterker Door Strijd Week 42!

Lieve Familie,

          This last week I am grateful for what I learned in my first area/ first transfer of the mission-  "Sterker Door Strijd". Stronger through struggles has to be one of the lost influential sayings I have learned on my mission and I am grateful that I can now apply it in my missionary work here in Kortrijk. This last week had some definitely struggles, but you know me- I am always trying to be positive and look at the bright side of things. Our work has slowed down a bit here in Kortrijk and has left us with some blank schedules and lots of time to fill in and by "fill in" I mean- knocking doors and contacting. So once again it’s been humbling to be brought back down by the Lord to the basics of missionary work and just trying not to get every door slammed in your face. Of course there is a better way of doing missionary work-knocking doors is always my last option of doing it, but right now that is about just where we are at. Our last option. It’s good and humbling though.

          On the brighter side of things Patrick came to church this week and loved it. He really just fits in with the Kortrijk Branch and the members. He is still on date for 26 of April and we are excited to see if his wife Meme (that is her name) is going to follow. I love teaching him and also his family!  Also this week was a big eye opener for me of just how much trust the members are starting to have with us. This week I was asked to give 3 blessing to members, one being the 1st Counselor in the Stake, for healing and comfort. Talk about more humbling moments. I am very grateful to have opportunities like that to help others feel comfort and the spirit through the power of the Priesthood. So my testimony has grown and also my love for the members here.

          I will be staying here with Elder Argueta in Kortrijk for another transfer- we saw President Robinson at our Zone Training last week and he reminded us very boldly that our assignment we have in Kortrijk is very special and that he specifically chose us to do this. I felt pretty humbled and also that the responsibility got a little more heavier on my shoulders. I am glad to be here in Kortrijk where I can really learn so many things and actually really get to know myself. I love the members here- they really are so powerful and strong and such great examples.

       You guys are always in my prayers and always in my heart. Miss you all like crazy!



-Elder Cook

Pics- Zone Training
       - Me with a man less active named "Geri" that we are also teaching. (He is becoming my Belgium Grandpa) hahha

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