Monday, March 17, 2014


Lieve Familie,

              OOOH  MIJN HEMEL! Ik mis jullie heel erg! zozeer!  Jullie zijn zozeer bijzonder voor me en ik voel me heel erg gezegend van onze hemelse vader dat ik jullie hebben in mijn leven. Ik hou echt van ieder van u en ik wil jullie bedanken voor alles dat jullie allemaal doen voor me.  

              Familie this week was so so so hard, but so so so AMAZING! FaNtAsTiScH! Every week is hard- but I do my best to never complain because at the end of every week I just feel so grateful for this special privilege I have to be on a mission. It’s so super, so emotional, so spiritual, and so personal. Gosh I love it! This week we truly did have miracles here in Kortrijk. If I haven’t told you before- Kortrijk literally is the southern most area in our mission. Many missionaries call it the area that is always forgotten by missionaries... haha but that is just because we really don’t see any other missionaries, nor have much contact with any other missionaries besides once a week. So pretty much it’s just you, your comp, the branch, and your heavenly father for an entire week. My comp and I have a good relationship... we are a little different, but he is good to work with because he is on his way to becoming a ¨GEWOON DOEN¨ type of missionary- which I feel is the type of missionary I am. hahah. 
           But this week of miracles.. well it was full of them. I have never felt more close to the spirit in my entire life than this last week. I literally felt like I was an instrument in the hands of the Lord. This week Elder Argueta and I were let into 3 houses in one flippen day!! It was crazzzy. I feel like prayers were answered right in front of my eyes. It gets better though .. the 3 houses that let us in- WERE ALL FAMILIES! JA JA!!! So once again I found myself sitting in front of these Belgium families sharing my testimony about the Restored Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ that is now on the earth. Talk about being so humbling for me and just soooo intense! ahhhh. hahah it was amazing. All 3 families were totally open and we have returning appointments with each one of them for this week. Miracles really are happening down here in Kortrijk and I feel so blessed to be a witness of them.

        So in other words we are now teaching 5 families and just about every single family has accepted to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! I would say the best thing we can do now is just keep praying and praying that it will be able to soften each and everyone of their hearts. 

          Unfortunately we weren’t able to meet with Siara and Don this week, but we called and they really want to meet with us this Thursday... so we are pretty excited and also nervous! hahah they seriously are amazing and so smart and ahhhhh!! They really are some special people.

    Family I feel like I could just go on and on about all the many things, but right now is just the time to wait and see what the Lord is going to do with these families. They are all amazing and the Branch here in Kortrijk really needs these people!

   Sorry if I am kind of everywhere with my email this week.. I just have soo many things on my mind and it’s hard to put them down onto paper! hahah

I love you all so much and miss you guys like crazy (it says it all at the top of my email). The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true happiness and so is the Book of Mormon- whether it takes some of these families 19 years to figure that out like me or just 6 weeks... it doesn’t really matter because everyone has their own time and their own way.


-Elder Cooooooooooooook

ps: today I will be stepping inside a gym for the first time in just about 9 months... yes my pregnancy is now over so its time get rid of that pregnancy fat! JA JA!!

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