Monday, March 24, 2014


Lieve Familie,

    This week’s email I want to talk about the "free agency of others" and how annoying and heartbreaking it can be for a missionary. This week my heart was absolutely broken because of it. I have learned something so big on my mission that I know will affect me not only for the rest of my mission, but also throughout the rest of my life and that is- giving out invitations. As people or as missionaries the only possible thing we can ever do to get someone to do something for us or just for themselves is by asking them to do it; and whether they do it or not is totally up to them. That’s where I have learned that:  all the questions that we will ask throughout our lives, with the intention of someone actually having to do something, is not a question but instead it is an invitation. An invitation for them to do something for themselves or for you. For example: I used to always ask mom if she would make me something to eat..ALWAYS. hahah but really that was just an invitation I was giving her because she had the choice to actually do it or not. Therefore she had the choice to deny the invitation or accept it. - Its a good thing she ALWAYS accepted ;) (LOVE YOU). So where I am trying to go with this is here: we gave the "invitation" for Siara and Don to read the Book of Mormon and they had the choice or "free agency" to do whatever they wanted. Don read about 1/3 of it, but Siara wouldn’t even touch it because she loves her bible. Our appointment ended up being a bible bash with them and let me just say- you can't solve anything by "proving to the other person they are wrong" it just doesn’t work.

      So yeah my heart was crushed this week with them and it actually left me in a weird, depressed, and sad mood for the rest of the week which was pretty rough... but its funny how the Lord works because that all turned around yesterday at church when: Drum Roll please... Patrick- the father of the other family were teaching- CAME TO CHURCH! He came alone because he wanted to check it out before his daughter and wife would come and guess what.. He actually enjoyed it! We had the chance to teach the Sunday school class with him there and we gave a solid review on the Restoration of the Church, Joseph Smith, and the Priesthood. So solid that yup... with the spirit being so strong we "Invited" him to be baptized on April 26th and he totally accepted. This guy is awesome and so is his wife and daughter. They are all Belgium and the Lord definitely prepared them. The branch here in Kortrijk definitely needs them and I'm pretty sure they would love to see a baptism since it has been a very very long time since they have even seen an investigator walk into church!  
       Its funny how the Lord works. One day your feeling the lowest of lows and the next day your feeling like your on cloud 9, but I guess that is just included in this missionary roller coaster ride of emotions. FREAK! hahah In other news though I am beginning to have some super strong relationships with the members here, especially with one named Marnix- who is taking us to the gym again today because he knows how much I loved it last week. Everything else is going good- This Sunday we get transfer calls and I'm pretty sure I’ll be staying, but then again you never know... right now I'm known as the "Mission whore" because I have been in just about every zone and can't seem to stay in one place.. hahaha

     Life is good. God is great. And people are crazy. Love you guys and miss you all like crazy and stay LEKKER.

      Elder Cook


    Pics: Here is Marnix and I at the gym last week
             Here is the cow family Pops!

For Shmoe!

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