Monday, March 10, 2014


Lieve Familie,

              Here we are again. Another week gone by full of adventure. It’s crazy how many things you can learn in just one week of your mission. By the end of every week I swear I am just always humbled from the chance TO BE on a mission. Then I get here on the computer and just feel even more blessed reading some of your emails and thinking about you guys. Gosh WE ARE SO BLESSED!!

             Well this week was another week on just basic missionary work for us here in Kortrijk. We had a couple of appointments fall through which was heartbreaking, but also found new investigators and also a new family!!!! HA HA! But before I get to that part... Fam bam Elder Argueta and I had another amazing meeting with Siara. So we have been waiting and praying that Don or Siara would call us or just something to happen.. and it got to the point where we just decided on Tuesday night to go visit them. Well Don was not there, but Siara and some of her children were and they let us right in. We sat down with Siara and began to just talk to her and discuss some things with her. She told us that Don is already half way through the Book Of Mormon... yup. So that was so awesome to hear! Immediately following that we started to work our magic and change the conversation into her reading Book of Mormon and see if she was up to do it. Well she instantly went and grabbed her bible and brought it to the table.. I'm pretty sure she wanted to do the good'ol bible bash thing with us. My comp is a little more into that sort of thing than me... but maybe that is just because I’m not the best with scriptures... haha but there started to be some contention which I wasn’t a fan of. and it got to the point where I just said no more of this bible stuff... it's time to bare some testimony! Fam it truly is amazing how the Lord softens hearts and gives you words to speak. Within5 minutes the atmosphere of the room changed and the spirit began to take over. Tears began to fill my eyes and I just felt so grateful for the love of our Heavenly Father and that he knows exactly what you need to say and when you need to say it. Siara committed to reading the Book of Mormon and giving it a chance. Ever since that appointment is has just been non-stop prayer for me!

  So yea there is my poorly typed out story for you all this week.. haha we plan on going back to Siara's and Don's tomorrow I think!

         Other than that this week was pretty chill and tough. We found another new family we have begun to teach and I am so excited to teach them! Teaching is by far my favorite part of being a missionary. Things with the Branch here are doing good. The members are really starting to show some true love to us and are definitely re-motivated to do some missionary work!

         Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a 15-minute talk in church about how the Book of Mormon will change your life. Definitely a sensitive subject for me since my first time reading the whole thing was while I have been on my mission. BUT Have you ever though about it...A book changing your life? Pretty interesting, but it is so true.  Peeps the Book of Mormon WILL (not can) change your life if you take time to read it, ponder it, and pray about it. For me it just took 19 years to realize it. If you haven’t read it or don’t have a very strong testimony about it like I used to have... Go read it! Do your own part so the Lord can give you all the many blessings he has in store for you and find out for yourself by praying about it. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE- it has definitely changed mine.
      I love you all and miss you all like crazy! You guys are always in my heart and prayers.  Be safe this week and do something fun like yelling at the top of your lungs for no reason- it’s a good stress reliever. LOVE YOU ALL and party like it’s hot! LEKKER!

-Elder Cook
pics- the WIENER circus is in town....
biking in Belgium..

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