Monday, March 30, 2015

Trust: give it all to Him.. WEEK 94!

Lieve Familie,

           Before you read this email I want to invite you all to go watch the video called ``Because He Lives´´ on the LDS page. You will feel the spirit. 

   Thank you all for the emails, love, support, and care that you show unto me and that I feel from you each and every day. Despite the busy, crazy and-at some moments-stressful week, I have felt the love that Heavenly Father has for me on a daily basis. It has been humbling and so edifying to know and to feel loved. There truly is no other greater feeling that this life can offer. I am grateful to have the Gospel in my life.

  This week has been great. We had a great training and everything turned out to run smoothly. I am very grateful that Heavenly Father helped Elder Torniainen and me. Following the training we spent the rest of the week just getting rained on, biking in the cold, enjoying the mission life, and working hard with the missionaries in their own areas. We were also able to see some great success here in Rotterdam Zuid- we now have 3 baptismal dates and still re-activating some of our beloved friends. Witnessing people come unto Christ motivates me to do likewise- I have along way to go. Miracles happen everyday I was able to witness a lot this last week. 

  A dear friend of mine emailed me and brought something back to remembrance that I read just a couple of days ago with regards to “trust”-

“The Lord loves everyone, but He doesn’t trust everyone”
And also...
“It is a better compliment to be trusted then to be loved”

      I have been very engaged in learning what the Lord thinks about trust and how I can improve my trust in him. I tend to be weak in that aspect, but I am learning lots and striving to become better. General Conference is coming up and it is my plan to trust in all the words that will be spoken unto us. To apply them into my life and show the Lord that I trust in Him. It is also my plan to show the Lord that I am trustworthy and I will strive to do that in all aspects of my life. I desire to feel not only loved from Heavenly Father, but to feel that He can trust me no matter what the sacrifice may be. I believe that building our trust up in the Lord brings many blessing into our lives and I know that it brings more happiness and joy into our lives. “..Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” (proverbs 16:21)

  He lives peeps and #becauseHElives we may all experience joy in this life and hope for an eternal joy in the life to come. Gospel is true. 

Miss you. Love you. Pray for you everyday. Be safe, have fun, and Enjoy to the End!


   Big Dude 

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