Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Righteous Fatigue" WEEK 90!

Lieve Familie,

             To all those who emailed me this week.. Thank you. I was spiritually touched by every email that I read. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Well first things first.... 

           To my biggest shock I am staying in Rotterdam Zuid! Totally unexpected, but I am so grateful and stoked that I am staying. Seriously Rotterdam Zuid is my type of atmosphere-ghetto, chill, and fun. Everyday is different! Also the members here are just awesome. So funny and I’ve just got a lot of good friends here! Unfortunately, my comp and friend Elder Holt is leaving me. Gosh I am going to miss him! He is headed down to Eindhoven (love that place). So in his place will come Elder Ames! He is a gooood one. I was his District Leader in Emmen so we have served relatively close together before and I am going to have the chance to introduce him to the crazy, busy, stressful, and blessed life of being a zone leader. Should be fun! I really am excited and looking forward to it. He is going to teach me A TON! 

            So there was the newwwsss! Exciting TOCH?! 

         This last week was also very intense and full of hard work. I have never felt so fatigued before in my life. The exhaustion level once again just keeps getting higher and higher! But we just keep on going. Makin memories, no regrets right?! Last week we had a zone conference in which we got to see that new movie “Meet the Mormons”. Super inspiring movie! Following that it was just long days of missionary work in other cities and spending the end of the weekend in Rotterdam. Mission life is great! 

       This last week I have started my 90 day reading challenge in which I will finish off reading the book of Mormon before coming home (that it´ll be 6 times I have read the book of Mormon on my mission) and let me just tell you all... I know that that book is true. I have never been the biggest reader-actually before my mission I could count on my one hand the number of books I have ever completely read. Well now I am addicted to the Book of Mormon- best addiction I have ever had in my life. I have never been able to just put it on the side or go more than one day without reading it. Every time I read it or have it in my hands I feel that much closer to my Heavenly Father and feel the love that Jesus Christ has for me. It’s so true. 

I love you all and miss you all dearly! Sorry if my email this week didn’t meet expectations (don’t have much time) but just know that I will continue to pray for each and everyone of you. My love for you all is endless.

Have a great week and Enjoy to the End. 


   Big Dude! 

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