Monday, March 9, 2015


Lieve Familie,

          You know the time just keeps on going and going. Never stopping. And since its never stopping, more and more just keeps changing. Friends are getting married and coming home from missions, the family keeps on increasing in babies and new members, and I’m still riding the mission wave. SURFS UP BRA! Life is such a blessing and having you all apart of it, just makes it that much more of a blessing. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. For all the friends and family. You all have a special place in my heart! 

  It was transfer week, so I spent the whole transfer day in Rotterdam Central directing the some what 30 missionaries or so (all with 3 suitcases and a bike) and getting them off to their appropriate city/area or with their companion. It was pretty crazzy and exhausting. I realized about 30 minutes into the whole day processes, that I barely knew any of these missionaries! They are all just so young. However, I did get to see some dear friends of mine and after quick reunion it was ``tot ziens´´. Having good friends really does just make life that much better. I also said goodbye to Elder Holt and I truly do miss him! He was definitely a homie. 

With that being said.. Yes I got my new comp. Elder Ames is his name! I have given ourselves the nickname of ``the Other Guys´´. I think it is a very suitable name. He is from Idaho and is a good guy! He is the definition of HOLY. haha sooo we´ll see if I can break him out of his shell a bit and lose the ``robot-ness´´! I have much to learn from him. The rest of the week was also great. Worked my butt off and saw blessings from it at church on Sunday! So we just keep working and working some more despite the weariness! Also pretty much every companionship in our zone got transferred so we had a quick training on Saturday to see how we can bring everybody up to speed with how things are done here in the Rotterdam Zone. We have our big training in 2 weeks! This transfer should be a good oneeeee:)

Today I just want to email about the power of friends and having people around you who build you up. Through out my mission I have been blessed to make some true friends- many being members and missionaries. I can honestly admit that without these people I am not too sure if I would have made it this far on the mission. They have helped me so much and I am so eternally grateful for their friendship. Having someone you can trust and a true friend truly changes every difficult situation into a walk in the park or into a tender mercy. I am so grateful that I have Jesus Christ as a friend and brother. So grateful that I have a loving Heavenly Father who also is a true friend. And of course I am so grateful for each and everyone one you! 

Please have a good week and be safe! Go out and be that best friend! LOVE YOU GUYS ALL LIKE CRAZYYY!  ENJOY to the END! 

Lots of love,
     Big Dude! 

  1. Elder Holt and I (miss that man)
  2. Yeah... the exhaustion level just keeps increasing (fell asleep at a members house..) 
  3. It was Elder Ames birthday yesterday so I cooked him and the two other missionaries in our area some lekker Nasi mix! (my cooking skills just get better and better)

Our old District

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