Monday, March 23, 2015

Work hard, play hard. WEEK 93!

Lieve Familie,

         Well my time this week is limited and my head is kind of all over the place so please forgive me if my email this week isn't as uplifting as others! 
Hurrr we gooo.

     Thank you all for reminding me of  "the countdown". It is slowly but surely starting to become a reality. Today in the car Elder Torniainen and I were looking at the calendars for the transfer and we figured out that I only have 9 more days of church here in Nederland (9 more Sundays). It freaked me out. Kind of took my breath away. But it’s okay!  I really miss you all and love you so so much.

        This week was just interesting..haha I can’t even put it into words! Not going to lie.. It was stressful at times. I feel like we are just constantly busy- whether it be the new calling in the ward, serving the missionaries in our zone, or working with our investigators and friends to bring them the Gospel- our schedule just always seems to be full. Sometimes it is hard to just keep your mind clear and not get stressed out. It can be very overwhelming. But I definitely try to see it more as a blessing and privilege, which it is, to be able to serve so many people. It is also a blessing to be with Torniainen- working with a friend makes things that much easier and more fun!  #countyourmanyblessings

This upcoming week should be just as crazy... 
       On Wednesday we have our big 4-hour training for the zone. We have been doing lots of planning for that and just getting things ready. With the new calling we get to work closely with the members of the ward and the bishopric. This week we have to start putting together a home teaching list with them to help the ward grow- should be fun! At the same time we are still doing our best to see and have success in our own area.  As you can see I’m not joking when I say it’s just been busy busy busy!

   Soo yeaa... life is a bit crazy right now, but it is also so so so enjoyable! My testimony is growing and I know that we are anxiously engaged in a good cause. My studies the past week have all been about showing the Lord your trust and the things I am learning from it have been blessing my everyday life. Trust is greater than faith. Trust is more than hope. Trust is knowing that everything will be okay no matter what because the Lord is in charge. Let us all continue to build our trust in the Lord and serve others while doing so! It brings so much joy into life. 

I love you all. Gospel is true. Heavenly Father loves us. Pray is so important. Enjoy to the End!


    Big Dude

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