Monday, December 1, 2014

Lessons to be learned.. WEEK 77!

Lieve Familie,

         Life is so good. Life is so great. But that is only because I choose that. 

        This week was full of so many ups and downs (every week in the mission life). I only spent one day working in Eindhoven this last week while the other days were spent working in other cities, at meetings, giving trainings, preparing, and visiting beloved friends. I am so grateful for the mission because it is so rewarding. Every day you can learn something new. Every day you experience something new. Every day Heavenly Father gives you that snickers bar that just satisfies your hungry. This journey is something I will never regret.

       After a rough start at the beginning of the week (having to deal with missionaries in the hospital, missionaries wanting to go home, and many other problems) the Lord gave me a great snickers bar and treat at the end of the week. We had great conferences and meetings with Elder Moriera who came and toured our mission. He was very inspiring and I learned a ton. Following his meetings in Zoetemeer and Leidschendan, we had some extra time in which I was able to make a couple of quick stops to visit old friends in Den Haag. (Familie Muntinga and Familie Scherf)  <--T´was GEWELDIG! Then yesterday at church our top investigator, John, came to church and we were able to teach him following the service. It was a great way to finish off a week that didn’t start too hot! 

    But there were important lesson to be learned/ re-learned... such as:

It can be so easy to look at the negatives in life or in others, but so assuring and joyful to look at the positives in life and in others. Have you ever been happy while dwelling on all the negatives in life or looking at all the faults that others posses? No. Definitely not, yet we tend to do that a lot. It is just a simple lesson to be learned. Think positively and you will be more positive. See the good in others and you will be full of appreciation. Be thankful and you will be happy. Love and you will feel love. It is so simple, but I feel like we are taught this valuable lesson daily. It goes along perfectly with the saying of-->  Is the glass of water half empty or half full? In life we all have our freedom to choose, but I hope that we all can just choose to be happy or choose to see the good in life and in others.

 A scripture that really impacted me this last week was Matthew 7:3 -->
 “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:...”  
Let us not judge or assume, and get over the imperfections of other. Lets just see the good in others and Enjoy what life has to offer. Enjoy the snickers bars that Heavenly Father gives you because he is just going to keep on giving you more:) Life is good if you choose to see it so!

Love you guys. Love you all so much and miss you all more than a fat kid misses McDonalds. 
Have a great week, be safe, make good choices, pray often, and Enjoy to the End!

    Big Dude 

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