Monday, December 22, 2014

CHRISTmas.... WEEK 80!

Lieve Familie,

              ITS CHRISTMAS!! 
            This last week has been great. Our Zone Training was a success and we finished off this week with a new baptismal date and are also expecting a baptism in 2 weeks and then another one the following week! So the work in Eindhoven is looking real good. Elder Lee and I are really just having so much fun. This kid is awesome and it is so fun to do the work with someone who stays so positive and loves to laugh. He is also helping me with my Chinese:) We are both super excited for Christmas!

Well For Skype this Thursday..... I will be calling around 7pm here in Holland so that should be around 11am or something there in SLC. I am very excited to see you all! Can’t wait. 
Since we will be talking on Thursday I am not going to spend too much time emailing today but I do just want to write you all a couple of words..

Thank you so very much.

             Thank you for the love, the support, the encouragement, the friendship, the everything! This time of year I am so full of gratitude. In fact, soooo grateful that sometimes I just can’t hold my emotions together- It is rather pretty embarrassing actually. I’m so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. So grateful for all the many friends I have made while being on my mission. And I am put to silence when I just think about how grateful I am for the Gospel, for Heavenly Father, and for Christ. You cannot describe what being on a mission really is (well at least I can’t) because it is just so personal. It has been thee most personal experience of my life and I cannot describe it. Coming to know Christ and His Gospel has impacted me and changed me. I received so many conformations this week over the Divinity of Christ and the love that Heavenly Father has for each and every one of us. I see miracles everyday and truly do seek after the spirit in all that I do. I am SO grateful.

I miss you all and love you all so very much. Enjoy to the End! 2 Nephi 25:26


   Big Dude

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