Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Lieve Familie,

            My love for you all is something I cannot explain. I have tried to do it several times through email and also while talking with others, but it just doesn’t seem to manage. It is much like having a testimony of the Divinity of Christ or of the Gospel.. We cannot physically explain these things, but we just know that it is real and that it is true. We know that there is something there that brings joy to our hearts and our souls. It is powerful and calm. Brings purpose and direction in our lives. But it is something that cannot really be physically explained. It is truly a gift given to us from our Heavenly Father that I am so grateful for. Grateful for you guys and grateful for the Gospel. It’s allllll trueee. 

            This week was quite the fun and stressful week.  I got my new companion and let me just say.... LEKKER! Elder Lee is his name and we instantly clicked. He is from Singapore and ooooh boy I love the Chinese spirit. He is so Chinese it blows my mind! Love it. I think the first three days together I got my 6 pack back from laughing so hard. We truly are a ``Gangnam Style´´ but on steroids. He made the big jump from just being a normal missionary to ZL, so it has been quite the blessing to bring him up to speed on his new life of giving trainings, planning, traveling, and being constantly stressed out. We definitely are just making the best of it! 
            We have had to spend the last 3 days pretty much inside doing planning and giving trainings. Last Friday we had our mission leader council with all the Leaders from the mission at the mission home. I was asked to give a 15 minute presentation, which was very exciting. I am grateful that the spirit was able to help me out. Following that we made the long drive back to Eindhoven and gave another training Saturday morning to all the District leaders. The rest of the weekend was spent planning for our big Christmas Zone Training that we will be giving tomorrow. It has been some of the craziest and most stressful 4 days! But I am grateful to have Elder Lee because he has really helped out a ton and has been such a blessing to have as a companion. Really looking forward to the rest of this transfer!

            Well Christmas is coming up and if you haven´t seen the new Film on LDS.org or the Mormon Channel called ´´He is the Gift´´ I invite you now to go watch it. I am so grateful for all the many gifts I have had bestowed upon me through out my life and also grateful for the many gifts that I have worked for. I want you all to remember that..
  There is no such thing as a possession in this life, everything is a gift. 

Everything we have received is a gift from our Heavenly Father. He loves us and cares for us. He has given me so many snickers bars through out my life and through out my mission he has constantly been nourishing me with my ``Daily Bread´´ (Matthew 6:11). I love him and am grateful for his son Jesus Christ. 

Have a great week fam bam! Be safe, make good choices, tell one another that you love each other, and Enjoy to the End! 

    Big Dude

Goodbye to Rudolph
 Elder Lee and I

Planning/Preparing (kill me now)

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