Monday, December 8, 2014

Best time of my life....WEEK 78!!!

Lieve familie,

             First things first....  I love you guys and miss you all like crazy.

              However, I love and have such a deep appreciation for my mission. Looking back on the past 19 months or so it is easy to say ''Wow those 19 months were some of the best months of my life''.. I feel like many people say that about their mission which is great! I hope everyone can say that about his/her mission or his/her time of doing the work of the Lord, but what I really hope for is that people actually believe in what they say and, that they can say it with conviction. That is something I can be humbly proud about because I cannot only say that but I can say that with conviction and surety!

 I am unceasingly grateful for my mission and the things I have learned. I hope and pray that I can apply all that I have learned. 

Well anyways, this week started out once again pretty interesting. Last week Monday we were in the hospital until 3 A.M. helping an Elder who is sick and going through some tough times. Following the 4 hours of sleep I got, it was time to hit the road and get to our meeting in Breda. Following that I spent Tuesday working in another city with another Elder. (Elder Nielson)- he is definitely one of my bros. It was a great day but also very exhausting. That night we planned to get to bed on time, but once again 12:30 came rolling around and we still weren’t in bed.. So lets just say the first couple of days were spent with very little sleep! The rest of the week was great. I got to work in 3 other cities (Breda, Vlissingen, and Roosendaal) all with different Elders and with some sisters. We saw lots of miracles in their cities such as setting a new baptismal date, finding many potentials/new investigators, and teaching less actives. I have really learned (and still learning) how to glorify in the success of others. It’s been a valuable lesson!

So yeah this last week just seemed to fly by! Time seems to just be speeding up right when I hope it would slowww down. The gospel is so true and I cannot deny it. I just cannot seem to stop talking about it with others or thinking and pondering about the truthfulness of it. It constantly takes my breath away just like a fat kid going up a flight of stairs. It really is becoming a part of me and I love it. 

Family I love you all so much and miss you guys like crazy. My testimony grows and will continue to grow as long as I make time for it and give water on my spiritual seed. I invite you all to do the same and while doing so; find the positives in others and yourselves, listen to and search for the promptings of the spirit, eat a cheeseburger, love one another, and ENJOY to the END. 

     Big Dude


PS.... I will not be getting transferred which I am so excited about! (Love it here in Eindhoven) and I will be getting a new companion... Elder LEE! He is from Singapore and it’s going to be GEWELDIG!! 

This is after the gym last monday.... GOT SWULL!!

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