Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Life is just good.... WEEK 72!

Lieve Familie,

Well I'm speechless. After reading all the emails I received and responding to just about every single one, I am left speechless and thoughtless just because life is so good. Life is so good because I feel so much love. Feeling loved and cared for... It doesn’t get much better then that. However at the same time I am secretly freaking out and going crazy because #1- Utah football won!!!! LEKKER! #2-wedding plans?!?! and #3- time is just going so fast and so many things are changing.  But that is what is so great about life I believe. We all have so many moments where things are just tooo busy or there is tooo much stress and change, making you go a little crazy or giving you a headache (I have that often as a missionary I feel like). But then if you really just take a moment, pause to look around you; look at all the people who love you and care about you or to be there for someone else who is in need- At that moment (for me at least), that is when the feeling of love and comfort comes to me and brings exceedingly joy and happiness. Then I simply can’t help but to SMILE. Life is good peeps.

     Anyways many of you have asked about my companion and area because I seem to not talk that much about it in my emails... whoops! Things with my companion are good. He is just giant and loves his bacon! haha but we get along great and learn a lot from one another. The best news is.. We will both be staying and doing another transfer together! Lekker! In Eindhoven we have a house (same one as last year) so we live there with 4 missionaries. Elder Rudolph and I never use our bikes because we have a car and also we are using it for traveling everyday to another city to go on exchanges or to trainings. I am still doing my push ups:) at least 100 everyday! Life is good.

   As far as our week went..we had a great week. Super busy, but saw lots of miracles and I was able to share my testimony a lot. I also did something pretty cool, which I believe not so many missionaries can say.... I drove across the whole country of Nederland in one day (from the boarder of Germany to the coast of Vlissingen)! But yeah.. Going on exchanges everyday and only sleeping in your own bed once a week definitely beats you up and leaving me just exhausted. When the weekend came around I was grateful to just take time and work here in our own city for once. I am truly amazed by the energy and strength I physically and spiritually receive to just keep working. It blows my mind and I LOVE IT! 

   Family I don’t really have much more to say. Like I said earlier I am just speechless because of the love, support, comfort, etc. that I receive from you all and also from Heavenly Father. Many missionaries, including myself, say or have said, ''I came on my mission to repay Heavenly Father for everything He has given me. 2 years is the least I can give to him.'' Nowww don’t get me wrong that is a great reason to come and great to say, but just know that you and I will never be able to re-pay him. Just when you think you have already been blessed with a snickers bar, Heavenly Father just seems to give you another one without even asking.  He truly is amazing and loving. I love him and I love you guys. Enjoy the snickers bars that He gives to us because as long as we are doing the right thing He is just going to give you another one! Life is good and Enjoy to the End!!

Miss you all and Love you even more! 

    Big Dude

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