Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. WEEK 70!!

Lieve Familie,

      Goeie morgen! wat een voorrecht en zegen het is voor me om jullie te mogen schrijven en wat bijzonder het is om mailtjes van jullie te mogen ontvangen en te mogen lezen. Ik hou veel van jullie en mis jullie heel erg. Ik heb nou nog 7 maanden of zo, denk ik,  tot dat ik terug ben (ik ben helemaal niet aan het aftellen zoals jullie zijn aan het doen) maar toch, tijd vliegt en voor dat we allemaal kunnen beseffen, ben ik terug. SOOOO we moeten allemaal  ``ENJOY TO END!´´ #lekkerzwetenALLESvergeten 

     Family I love my mission. This last week I just felt exhausted and beat, but it is a great feeling to have because that is when you know you have been giving all your time and energy into working for a great cause. Everyday I was working in a different city with a different Elder and if I wasn’t doing that then it was to the planning boards to plan for the upcoming Temple Conference.  (Next week I’m going to the Temple!!!)  It truly is a life of service that I am learning to love.

     This week I learned some valuable lessons of just how important attitude is and how important it is to show love for one another-  be charitable. 

Because we work so much with other missionaries and in other cities we sacrifice precious time in our own city with our own investigators. I kept on thinking to myself, ''why are all these people coming to me and asking me for help with personal problems when I have so many problems/weaknesses myself?!'' It has been a humbling experience. I have definitely had to work on my attitude of staying more positive and being there for others who are in need.  

      It is a privilege to help another and to be a blessing for someone. In missionary work we talk a lot about planting seeds; especially here in Europe because most of the success we see (such as a baptism) comes from a seed that was planted years ago. I have now turned this ''planting seeds'' theory into a life motto. Planting seeds of charity, of love, of simple acts of kindness, etc. We could all plant so many seeds of love and charity with the people around us. I mean they say ''a smile could change someone’s day'' and it is so true. The example that we set or the impression that we leave with people really can change a life.
 I echo the words found in Alma 37:6 ''Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass;..''   
There have been so many miracles brought to pass during my mission simply because of the little things that have been done. Family and Friends I hope we all are doing our best to show little acts of kindness, charity, and love with the people all around us and with each other. It is through these small things that we may all feel more love for one another, have more unity with one another, and most importantly we will be able to feel the pure love of Christ and be charitable with one another. 

  I am so grateful for all the love and support I feel and receive from you. I love you with all my heart. Family is everything to me and I am so grateful that The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the opportunity and the greatest blessing to be together forever. I am a true and firm believer of the divinity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the happiness it brings. It has brought change and light into my life. 

Love you guys. You are ALWAYS in my prayers. 


    Big Dude

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