Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Lieve Familie,

        So right now I have 14 minutes on the computer....  our day today has been super super busy we spent most of it at the Zoo here in Emmen! This week was awesome. Full of miracles and just lots of hard hard work. I spent almost 3 full days outside of Emmen working and having meetings with other missionaries and also giving baptismal interviews. It has seriously been a super busy week and last night while we were making plans for this upcoming week we were both just surprised at how busy we truly are! My testimony has grown because I don’t know how we, missionaries, get so much energy to handle 15-hour days of just performing a Labor of Love. It is amazing and every single night I go to bed just exhausted, but wake up the next morning with energy to spare! I seriously don’t know how it happens.

So yeah I now have 9 minutes left to email... Sorry I didn’t have time to read any emails today only enough time to send this one, but hopefully tomorrow we can make some time to come back and read some emails.

I love you guys soooo much and miss you all like crazy! This Gospel brings me so much happiness in my life and so much peace. I love LOVE and I know that Heavenly Father not only has a great sense of Humor but also loves each and every one of us soooo much. You are all in my prayers. LOVE YOU GUYS and MISS YOU GUYS!

    Big Dude

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