Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lift Where You Stand WEEK 61!

Lieve Familie,

          Wow what a week it has been. Just as my good'ol friend Elder Samuel Smith Curtis said in one of his last emails- I love starting up a new transfer. It is new, exciting, scary, and just a fresh start! It’s like turning a new page. The start of this new Transfer has been great. I seriously cannot complain. My new comp Elder Lovin (McLovin) is such a great kid. He is very young so these first couple of days have been a good wake up call to me of just how important it is to be a good example and to always train your replacement. Sometimes I feel like I am just with a lost puppy out here! But he has got a great spirit and a great attitude! I am very exciting to help him and teach him many things, but at the same time learn from him and see how I can improve to become better. So this upcoming transfer will be a lot of work, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

           The work here as been going good. These last couple of days McLovin and I have been working hard and have seen some pretty amazing miracles! It’s funny because we would have a miracle and then while we’re biking away I would be going crazy and be super stoked while McLovin wouldn’t be... I didn’t understand until I realized that he couldn’t pick up on the fast Dutch. So then I would tell him and then like 5 minutes later we would both be stoked!! Hahah Miracles are always nice. We have been doing lots of work with less actives and with Frances which has put a hold on finding new investigators for a bit, but this last week we found peeps who were super positive and interested and now we have some new appointments set up with new investigators. I love having new people to teach! So we are actually really looking forward to this upcoming week!

            Frances is doing awesome and before Cowboy left we were able to go to her house and say goodbye. She really opened up to us and told us just how much we saved her life. That without us she wouldn’t be here anymore. It was very humbling and an emotional experience for me. Definitely something I wont forget.

           This last week I have been thinking a lot about the phrase "Lift Where You Stand" and it has actually brought me a lot of motivation and determination to do my own part in making this mission successful. As I look back to the many sports teams I played on that had success, especially our East High Football, I see that it wasn’t just one player or one person that decided the outcome of the game or season. But it was a team effort of everyone doing their own part or in other words everyone was "Lifting where they stood" with one goal and one purpose in mind. I am convinced that our East High Football team saw much success not only because we had amazing coaches like coach Matich and players, but because we all did our own individual part of contributing. We all "Lifted Where We Stood". So my "advise" or "message" for us all this week is to Lift Where You Stand. Inside our family- do your own part to bring each other closer together. In a relationship- do your own part to strengthen the relationship. On a sports team- do your own part to make sure your team has unity with each other. You truly can apply the phrase "Lift Where You Stand" in any aspect of your life.
           As for me I will continue to lift where I stand and do my own part in building up Zion here in Nederland and Belgium. Just don’t forget that no matter how hard it is to understand, Heavenly Father’s plan is perfect and that everything truly does have a reason. He is our Father in Heaven who loves and is always there for us. I am truly convinced through the many confirmations I have received.

          I truly am grateful to each and every one of you for the support and love I receive; especially from you Mom and Dad.  I love you all and hope you all have a great week. You will be in my prayers as always.

 Enjoy to the End:)


     Big Dude

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