Monday, June 9, 2014

Geen tijd, geen stress WEEK 52!

Lieve familie, 
           Well right now I am sitting in the house of the Leman family and let me just say... "Ik voel me een beetje thuis" hahaha I love this family and they are so amazing and caring for the missionaries. They are also true examples of Christ-like love. I am very grateful for them and very grateful for the privilege I have to be here on my mission. 

             I am going to keep this email a little short because the kids here want to play and I'm not gonna lie... So do I! Hahah so sorry!  About this last week-  Well it was just a great week! Seriously just soooo chill and super enjoyable, filled with awesome missionary work and just peace! I really cannot complain. Don't get me wrong; it hasn’t been a walk in the park. Life is simply just too short to not have a smile on your face. 
            So this week we met with Giselinde and James (the family with 7 kids) - it was awesome!!! We are now planning on going there every week to teach them. The Father is always busy traveling to other countries due to his work and business, but he decided to make time for us every Thursday because he is truly on a search. Peeps this Guy made time for the gospel... So I hope we can all learn like I have.. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME and if your "too busy" Well MAKE TIME:) time is short and we should always make time for the people we love. (By the Way.... I love you guys).  So that was awesome! 
          There was also a lot of other cool and amazing things that have happened especially with new investigators we’re teaching but yea... I just don't have much time to tell or "zin".. Geen tijd geen stress. 

     Fam.- I love you guys and I know that you all love me- I feel your love everyday. You guys are amazing and Lets all do our best to MAKE time for one another and for those that need a little more love and happiness in their life. Even a smile changes someone’s day. The gospel is the plan of happiness. 

Love you all. Be safe. Have fun this week. HAGS. Party like it’s hot and ENJOY TO THE END! 

        Big dude

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