Monday, December 2, 2013


 Lieve familie,
                       Ya know... I just never know how to begin these email things. Like hey? What's up guys? Long time no see..? Its kind of difficult and all I want to do is be chill, but sometimes I feel a little sketch. Am I being sketch? Because that's sketch if you think so....
                Hahahah familie familie!!! Hey guys!! Another week down and HERE I AM AGAIN- here I am again sitting inside this Turkish computer store emailing all of y'all and just feeling so blessed and grateful for all the wonderful and heartfelt emails I just received. Gosh you guys truly are awesome and inspiring! THANK YOU.
               Well this week.. where to begin. Overall it was a very good week with some big parties, new investigators, and great lessons!

Parties-  Last Monday night there was a huge party in the church for "SinterKlaas" and I know you guys have no idea what it even is- I didn't even have any idea what it was- but it was pretty freakin awesome! SinterKlaas is like another Christmas for Nederland and Belgium and it is actually celebrated on the 5th of December, so this Thursday. It's going to be huge and awesome...from what I have heard! So I AM STOKED!  
 For Thanksgiving I actually had some delicious Turkey! There was a Thanksgiving dinner in the church for all the young adults and Elder Thomas, Alade, and I were invited!!! Soon Thursday I got my turkey meal and was very grateful;)
New people to teach-  We found 2 new people to teach this week also. Both young adults. We have a girl named Shelly who is 22 (pretty good looking also...... "flirt to convert" right?)  and a man named Michel who is 20. We found them both on the street and had appts with them inside the church. Michel is an Ex- Jehovah witness so it was super fun to teach him. He is also super open for the message. These two, Shelly and Michel, were both prepared by the Lord to listen and accept the message of the Restored Gospel. Truly amazing to see the way the Lord works. We had such great lessons with them and we have committed both of them to read out of the Book of Mormon. 
   Great lessons-  Familie, Ethyln is getting close to baptism. We have had so many good lessons with her and seriously every lesson we have had with her, the spirit has been so strong. Her story truly is inspiring and I am so grateful for the chance I have to teach her and for the friendship we have developed. She has been investigating the church for just over a year and has earned the nickname of "Dry Mormon" (since she just won't get baptized yet). But I can honestly say that we are getting so close with her and I can not wait for the day that she gets baptized because she is an absolute kingdom builder!
   Last but not least we had another appointment with Dennis ("the business man" Dad) and the spirit was once again so strong!! Tears were practically coming out of all our eyes as we talked about Trials and bore testimony about how with the Gospel we can overcome any trials.
    How blessed are we people. Seriously how blessed.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the plan of happiness.
                         Love you all.
                                -Elder Cookie
                 "ENJOY TO THE END"
Ps: I'm sorry if this email was just kind of everywhere, but I'm just so grateful for you all and I just dont have the words to explain it!  



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