Monday, December 16, 2013


Mijn Geliefde Familie,

               Het is bijna Kerst hier in Nederland en natuurlijk ben ik heel blij mee, maar ook een beetje bang ervoor want het zal de eerst keer voor mij zijn dat ik niet bij jullie zal zijn. Maar in ieder geval ik kan niet wachten om jullie weer te zien via Skype:)!!!! Even iets voor jullie... Voor wij gaan skypen, kunnen jullie een paar vragen in jullie gedachten nemen om aan mij te vragen. Op die manier gaat het skypen gemakkelijker. Danken jullie wel!

             Familie holy shmoooooly! This last week absolutely flew by. It’s hard to believe that it is only 9 days until Christmas, I feel like December just began! Time really does just fly by. Even though there are those days that feel like weeks or years, but really I can’t believe Christmas is just right around the corner! I hope all of you have finished all the crazy Christmas shopping and are finally able to just settle down and think more about what Christmas really means. Fortunately for me I don’t have to worry about the crazy shopping and instead really take this time to think upon the importance of this wonderful Holiday! Christmas ahhhhhhh! I don’t even know where to begin with it. I’m so excited and sooo... just... blaahhh! hahah

            But ANYWAYS this week familie.. "It wasss a goooood one" (dumb and dumber voice)!  On Wednesday we had a General Authority come speak to us, Elder Teixeira, and it was quite the experience that’s for sure. He said/gave some really good advice on how we can be better missionaries and how we really can improve- it was definitely a good conference, but I must be honest... It was our Christmas Conference for the mission and I didn't feel to much love..:( And "ISNT THAT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS FOR" (Grinch voice). It was a good experience though. Following the conference I got to finally pick up all the wonderful packages you guys sent me!!! AHHHH they are so awesome! It definitely made my day to see all that Love from you guys. I want you all to know that I am taking this whole "12 days" of Christmas thing really seriously and only opening a present once a day, I'm on day 3 now! Oh and I am also saving all the other packages/presents for Christmas Eve and Christmas! wwwwwaaaaaaaaahhoooo!

             The next day I got to spend my whole day on exchanges with a younger Elder in a different city. It was a longgggggg day as we knocked doors and street contacted for almost 6 hours. My feet were about to fall off and I’ve never experienced such a sore throat in my life from the non-stop Dutch speaking. However it was a fun day and definitely a day that I needed of just non-stop work.

            I hope you all are wondering about Ethlyn also... well on Friday we had probably one of the coolest lessons ever on my mission. (It was definitely a journal moment) On Friday we took Ethlyn to the Temple that is really close here to Den Haag. Ethlyn used to think that she wasn’t even allowed to go within 100 meters of the Temple so she was really surprised when we took her inside of it and had a lesson in the waiting room. Well I can honestly say without a single doubt that the Temple radiates the spirit. As we taught/ talked to Ethlyn about what’s so special about the Temple (while sitting inside the Temple) the spirit completely took over and I’ve never seen or experienced the Holy Ghost testify so strongly of the truth in my life. It really built my testimony up that we, us as missionaries or members of the Church, are only instruments in the hands of the Lord and that the Holy Ghost truly is the one who testifies the truth. Tears were shed by just about everyone in the room because of how strong the spirit was working. I am so grateful to have experienced it and be here to help Ethlyn on her path.

      Well that’s about all for this week. Just same old same old... missionary work. Hahah so I'm sorry if it is boring! But yea know that’s just my good'ol life that I get to be living right now! Only 9 more days until we Skype which is going to be crazyyy! Can’t wait. I'll let you all know about the details for it next week probably.  But Family holy cow I love you guys. Seriously there is not much more that I can say besides "IK HOUD ZOVEEL VAN JULLIE" en "MIS JULLIE ZO VEEL"" also.    


Met Lief,
            Elder Cook(ie)!

PS: Congrats to Elissa on the engagement! I’m super stoked for you guys! Just remember that this "Andrew" guy has got one crazy cousin he still has to meet who is in Europe! hahahahha

PS: mom look I got my picture with SANTA CLAUS!!!

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