Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nieuw en Oud!


Lieve Familie,

        OH MIJ HEMELJE it was good to see you all a couple of days ago! You all look so good and sooooo awesome! If you couldn’t tell, the whole time we were Skyping I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face because I was just so excited to FINALLY SEE and HEAR you guys! There is no doubt that I will never forget the "first time Skyping with my familie on my mission" -such a special experience. It definitely is true though that your first Skype is the hardest of them all but it was well worth it and I am already looking forward to the next one!

        Well as for my Christmas week - it was a crazy, fun, and exciting week. First I will start off by saying that I was well taken care of this week from the members here in Den Haag. The members here really are so special and amazing. They also seem willing to help the missionaries and make sure that they are all taken care of.
 Here is a short preview of what exactly went down:

      On Christmas Eve we went caroling with a member from our ward here named Zuster Van Der Put. We ended up going to several people’s houses and singing them Christmas songs and a short message about the importance of Christmas. It was so amazing to watch these people feel the spirit work as we sung to them -many tears where shed due to the spirit.  The next day (Christmas) we spent the whole day at member’s houses. We first went by Familie Muntigas and had such a "GEZELLIG" time there. Following that we went to our Bishops house and enjoyed dinner there and then ended up biking to another family’s house to Skype! The next day (tweede kerst) we were once again by member’s houses. We ate breakfast at our Ward Mission Leaders house and following that we had a missionary meeting with our district. The rest of the day we spent singing Christmas songs in the middle of the Train Station, which was "HARTSTIKKE LEUK". And then to end off the Christmas spirit we went to the Stake President’s house for dinner. Which was super awesome because He invited us to just wear normal cloths and not "missionary attire" soo for the first time in about 7 months I was able to just dress normal and relaxed! And all I can say is that our companionship was LOOKING GOOOOD! Hahaha

But yea there is a short little run down about all of the Christmas spirit this last week.

And here is just a funny little story from this last weekend..

        Friday it was back to normal missionary work and we started off by doing some look ups because our other appt. fell through. After the look ups we stopped by a member named George to go see him and cheer him up during this Christmas season. Well He was nice enough to make some food for us and he decided to make us some real African food..... Yes it was FU FU (hope that is spelled right) I can't really explain just Google it. It wasn't too bad; better than the one I had before. But the funniest part is---Later that night we headed over to Dennis' house for our appt. with him (the business man). And you wouldn't guess what he did for us... He made us Fu Fu. WE HAD FU FU TWICE THAT DAY AND IT WAS JUST NOT NEEDED!! Hahah Fu Fu just makes you sleepy and lazy. The Fu Fu that we ate at Dennis' was weird, there were intestines inside yyyyeeeccckkk haha. Who would of thought a missionary called to the Nederland would have to eat food such as this. Whatever though it was a fun experience. But now we have established a new goal to try and stay away from African food now, especially FU FU!

 Well Fam Bam I'm not so sure what else to say..  Transfers aren’t this week, but they are the next week. So next Sunday I will be finding out what is going to happen to me and our amazing companionship! We are all hoping that we will stay together, but the chances of that happening are low. But ya still never know!
I love you all so much and miss you guys like crazy! Have a great New Year and now that I am here in Nederland having a good'ol time and becoming somewhat of a man... HA! LOVE YOU GUYS AND STAY STRONG AND SAFE THIS WEEK!!!

-Elder COOOOOOOK(ie)

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