Monday, November 25, 2013


Lieve Familie,
             Well familie what a week it was here in Den Haag and it looks like i'll be staying here for another 6 weeks!! (thank heavens)! Transfer calls were last night and I am so grateful that our phone never even rang. So in otherwords Elder Thomas and I will be staying together and finish training Elder Alade before he bounces to the good'ol zoo (mtc) in Provo.
              I am so happy that I will finally be staying in a place longer then one transfer and even though it's absolutely freezing here, I'm so glad that the place I'm staying is Den Haag! Den Haag really is such a blessed city and I love the ward here. I have been able to make such good friends with the Members here and especially some of the kids, I mean all the kids here in the ward call me "Elder Coookie" hahaha pretty funny!
          But about the week- this week was full of so many ups and downs (as usual). The week started off with going to my sweet angel Zuster Barries house to check up on how she is doing now that she is baptized. She taught me how to make some LEKKER African food (Mom you would be so proud of my cooking skills now) and honestly everyday I see her she just makes my day so happy! I truly am so grateful for her. She is already making plans on coming to America in the 2015 summer and staying with us.... hahah she is awesome!
              The next day we had zone training in Leiden so I finally got to put on my absolute netjes European Suit! LOOOOKINN FRESHHHH! hahah and then on Thursday we got the opportunity to teach Ethlyn, who is now one of my absolute best friends! Ethlyn's story truly is amazing and I would tell it but I don't want to take up 10 pages on here... But anyways it was probably one of the most spiritual lessons i've ever had. By the time we were gonna say the closing prayer, the room was absolutely quiet and the spirit just took over. A baptismal date will be coming up soon!
               The next day we had a good run in with the "J Dubs" (Jehovah Witness') and well it was interesting. Nothing else more to be said about that.. hahah. But it did just make me realize how grateful I am for the knowledge I have about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. 
              Oh and I must say one more thing about investigators.. we got a call on Saturday night from a member about teaching their little brother. Well we got a new 9 year old investigator named Eshmal and he is soooo cool! He such a little stud and so funny. We taught him the Restoration and looks like he's gonna be getting baptized in the next month or so! SUPER BLESSED AHHHHHH! Miracle from the Lord right there.
              Now the news you've all been waiting to hear... THE TURKEY BOWL! It was up in Amsterdam, so I got to spend the entire day there and I must say that Amsterdam is my dream city to serve in! But yesss.. The Nederland Turkey Bowl was last Saturday and it was pretty dang fun. It was pretty relaxed since there was a lot of people there who don't even understand the game of Football, but still fun! President Robinson and I were going at it all day and I'm gonna be honest- for a 55-65 year old man, he's got some game! hahah It was nice to put on the good 'ol cleats and relive the glorious High School days....... HA! blahhhhhh! And speaking of High School, shout out the EHS football team. Keep your heads up boys and just remember to be grateful for having that chance to play because not very many teams even get a chance to play in a game that big.
             Thanksgiving this week huh... "Well lesss putta nother, SHRIMP ON DA BOBBIE"!! 
Thanksgiving, what a great American Holiday. A holiday all about giving thanks, being grateful, and showing your love for one another. How blessed and unblessed are we Americans.. I mean we're blessed to have another holiday, another day off of work, and a day to spend time with our families. But how unblessed are we, that we have to have a holiday to remind us to give thanks. COME ONNNN! hahaha Thanksgiving is really such a blessed time of the year and I'm really gonna be thinking about you all this Thursday. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you. I'm grateful for having three beautiful sisters who I absolutely love and an older brother who will always be there for me. I'm am so grateful for you Mom and Dad. You two really have no idea how grateful I am. I'm eternally grateful. Gosh family I love you guys so much and miss you all. Take the time this week to not only be grateful for one another, but also for your Father in Heaven and His plan. Afterall, it was His plan to put us together as a family and it is through His plan that we will be together forever. 
"Ik ben heel erg dankbaar daarvoor"
           -Elder Cooooookie


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