Monday, November 11, 2013


 Mijn Geliefde Familie,
         Familie what a week it has been! Can you believe I have been out on my mission now for 5 months?! Holy tatter tots. Time has been absolutely flying by. I feel like I was just in the Zoo (MTC) like last week!! But then again... yeah it still feels like it's been 5 months. haha Before I begin to tell you all about the wonderful and exciting life of missionary work, Ik moet ites naar jullie zeggen- en dat is dat ik so zeer dankbaar ben voor jullie. (I am so grateful for you guys) Today I opened up my 5 month package and it just about brought me to tears because of how much love I have for all of you! So seriously thank you so much. I love you guys like crazzzzzy.
        Well this week.. where to begin. I am in a "threesome companionship" LEKKER TOCH?! Last Tuesday Elder Thomas and I got a call saying that we are going to be training a new Elder from Nederland who is waiting on his visa to go to Atlanta, Georgia. His name is Elder Alade and let me just tell you.. I have a new companion who looks exactly like WILL SMITH! Oh and he speaks perfect dutch. Let me say though that it has been fun and also a humbling experience. Elder Aleda will be with us anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks and then he'll be heading to the good'ol MTC in Provo. So thats been a good/fun experience. He speaks perfect dutch so it's fun to be able to always speak dutch with someone all day:) Also just this weekend we had Stake Conference here and OH MY GOSH IT WAS AMAZING! It was all about members and missionaries working together.
       Other then that we have had a pretty bummer week as far as our investigators. Dennis and Ethlyn both canceled on us and Kelt kind of dropped us, so it's been a humble week. But I did title this email "time to go swimming" because this Saturday I'll be going swimming.... IN THE BAPTISM FONT! haha Barry, our angel and miracle of this transfer, will be getting baptized this Saturday and I will have the opportunity to do the Ordinance. I am super excited and just extremely grateful for the opportunity! On Wednesday Barry cooked us FUFU which is some real African food (pretty interesting) and then she asked us what our plans were for after our missions- well Mommy and Daddy I told her about how in 18 months or so you guys would most likely come and pick me up.. and how the first person we will be visiting will be her. SHE LOST IT! haha she just started freaking out and crying so hard and was so excited! hahaha it was pretty darn funny! So yeah lets just say that her and I have a really strong and close relationship and we are both looking forward to this Saturday!! WE BE DOOPEN! LEKKER!
       So familie that's the highlights of this week and overall it was a pretty good week. We still find every single day for like 4 hours, but I've learned to just have fun with it and not let people get me down. Familie and Friends Thanksgiving is coming up and I encourage everyone to really take each day and look at things they are grateful for. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS.
     Ik hou van jullie so veel. Ik heb so veel dingen op mijn zending gelerd en de belangrijkster ding dat ik hier glerd hebt is dankbaarheid. Dankbaar zijn. Verget nooit al de kleinje dingen die wij in onze leven hebben ontvangten. Verget mij nooit :) en verget nooit uw vader in de hemel en zijn plan voor ons en al de liefde Hij voor ons heeft.
    I love you guys so much.
     -Elder Cook
        "Geniete tot het einde"

                                                             ps: only 7 weeks until skype....

Elder Aleda and I
My New Winter Jacket ;)  LEKKER

Dankbaarheid (Gratitude)

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