Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ik weet dat de Kerk waar is. (Dutch) Week 3


      Its another wonderful P-Day here in the good'ol Provo Zoo! Today we might try to be rebellious by walking to the mailbox 6 times instead of only 5 times, then maybe walk to the fence line and watch the free world be normal... its a pretty amazing (the free world). 
haha well what can i say?? let me start out as usual by making an attempt to answer all of ya'lls questions.  First off: sheets- momma i have absolutely NO IDEA what to do about sheets... haha im thinkin your gonna wanna send some to the Mission Home because there is no way they are gonna fit into my bags. Second: I got your packages.. AND LOVED THEM (mom and candace) they seriously were so awesome! Thrid: Momma yes i am using the blanket that Lisa gave me, that is all i use because the i ain't using NO GROSS mtc stuff! oooh and i am using wiscombs pillow case. Everytime i get into bed i feel like i have a little bit of home with me! Fourth: havent used any money. At the MTC were given 6 bucks a week so i just use that usually. Fifth: Yea send me ma skinny ties!! more ties the better. LOOK GOOD, "FEEL GOOD, BAPTIZE GOOD". Sixth: in my group we will be having 28 new missionaries traveling to Naderlands throughout the course of 2 days tho i think. I get my travel plans not this friday, but next so i'll let you know! Lastly: my 4th of July plans... well we get the once in a life time opportunity to walk to the edge of the fence line (like animals) and watch the fireworks from that stupid, ugly, gross BYU stadium.
I hope I answered all your questions...if not well... feel free to write me :)
Let me first start of by saying Chloe Shmoe i am so proud of you and your soccer games this week! i wrote you back yesterday so you should get a letter today i think. Jake bra, well get on chat and we'll talk. Um Candace you are freakin AWESOME and those pics/ videos of Nora-OMG. she is walking! that is crazy. Give her a big kiss for me today. Carly your letters/picture memories are my fav! You should know that yesterday our whole district got in the shower and out of no where just burst into the song "SWEET CAROLINE" that song was our song! haha. Dad im sorry big man, im sorry for leaving you with all girls. But change your attitude! haha remember its not "endure" to the end... its ENJOY to the end! Enjoy it because it ain't gonna last forever. Momma... well anything i type here wouldnt even explain or justify the love i have for you while im out here. You are so amazing Mom.
Soooo family my week was super chill, not sketch at all! I am being super strong as i keep a positive attitude at all times! i actaully just got assigned District Leader for my district which means i am in charge of 10 missionaries (6 Elders and 4 Zusters)  until we leave this Zoo. Yesterday/ Sunday night i said goodbye to James for the second time.. it was alright. Not gonna lie i miss seeing him everyday here, but it just got me more excited to get out of here and off to Naderlands. The language is comin along pretty well i would say, meaning i dont feel to overwhelmed anymore when my teachers only speak Dutch. Im still sitting inside a classroom with no windows about 10 hours a day so when you guys talk about this soo called "hot weather" it sounds like your speaking a whole different language and overwhelming. My district is awesome. Literally everyday we just mess around, i mean we get a lot of work done... but sometimes i just like to have a good'ol time (pictures will be coming).
I cant believe its already been 3 weeks and that i only have 3 more weeks left being here! like i said above i get my flight/travel plans not this friday but the next which is super exciting! I have learned to much from only being here 3 weeks and am excited to learn more throughout the next 3 weeks!
              My spirtual thought: Joshua 1:9 (if you dont know this one well then GO LOOK IT UP) - "Be strong....good courage...be not afraid, either be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."    Family not only do i know that the Lord is with me, but i know that the Lord is with each one of you. If any of you are in need of anything know that ya i am just a letter away, but the Lord is just a prayer away.  Even tho i am far away from you all, i am still with you guys each and every single day. I feel your love everyday and i hope and pray that you all feel the love i have towards you guys. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAM!
-Elder Jason Cook
                                        Ett3- "ENJOY to the End"
ps. the provo Temple is close now for the rest of the time i am here... so looks like i'll be doing A LOT of emailing today! haha i'll be getting back on around 9:30 so if you wanna chat get on! and if your not ready by 
then or out of bed (carly) i'll be getting on a lot throughout the whole day.

This weeks scripture Joshua 1:9
These two pics are of us on our way to the Temple last Tuesday for our last session right after I finished emailing with ya'll!
Picture #2
Welcome to my District..... we work hard.
Welcome Elder Patrick Palau!

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