Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Fam BAM,
Holy cow you all have no idea how much i loved reading some of your emails just barely and the letters i have received this week! Family you all are amazing and i mean that.
Soooo lets start off with anwering the good'ol questions.... well MA and Candace i got ya'lls packages and they were AWESOME! seriously it was a fun 4th of July here in the zoo because of those packages. -pictures will be coming. My fourth of July was sooooo AWESOME..like we had to stay inside the fence the whole time and I mean the firewords were exciting, but it was more exciting to see normal people and normal life!!! there was like 300 "normal" people that were right across the street from the Zoo so they were actaully more entertaining than the fireworks. Landon Coles got here on Wednesday so I went and visted him the other night. I never see Christian Earl or Pat or Landon really at all because we are all on different schedules. Gym time.. I play basketball mostly but I usually have gym time at like 6:30 in the morning, so its more like i'm just sleep walking when im on the court... but I do hit the gym hard on p-days gettin swull and all. Momma I got pleanty of stamps.. I actaully have like 213468 billion of them so no worries there and that is awesome that my TRC lady wrote you! she was so nice.   Dad whats this I hear about you finally getting Jake to golf? and im glad that the whole family gets into golf right when i leave... geez thanks guys! oooooooooooooooohhhhh and CHLOE WHATS THIS I HEAR ABOUT BOYS COMING OVER NOW???? (dont forget our promise) you better let them know that i know "bad, very bad" people in the 801 hood and I will make their high school exprience awful if they dont take care of you and also know that I have people watching over you little schmoe tang!!
Yes I will be hosting this week, as in tomorrow, and most likely next week so i will definintely see Nate and hopefully Parker! I will be there watching all these missionaries saying goodbye to there famlies tomorrow, Im not sure if it is gonna be a good thing or not because I already know that its gonna make me think of when I had to say goodbye to you all. blahhhhhhhhh
Now time for the exciting part.. GUYS THE ZOO THIS WEEK WAS good. haha but speaking of families... on Sunday we did our temple walk and one of my favorite Elders from our district ran into his family!!!! he is from texas and his whole family was driving from Texas to Canada and decided to just pass by the MTC and well as fate would have it, they ran into each other! it was so awesome to see his fam and him unite again. He is the oldest of 8 so he had a lot a little siblings which was awesome! (mom dont get any ideas of coming down here on a Sunday). So yea this sunday was fast sunday and it actually went extremely well. Yea I was really hungry, but i fasted for a purpose and i felt the Lord help me through it. This week has actaully been a pretty good week. I am starting to get the language down pretty well, at least I think so, but now when ever I teach I no longer take a note pad in or anything. -just me, my dutch scriptures, and my dutch preach my gospel. I am able to sit and lead about a 40 min lesson all in dutch which I think is pretty cool.  Also this week has actually been super spiritual one for me as well. I had a super spiritual experience with my teacher that ended with both of us in tears. (my teacher is awesome)  I wrote Jake about it so you can ask him, but I just wanted to let all of you know that I am here for a reason. There is not an hour that goes by in which I dont think about you all and how much I miss you, but I KNOW that this is where I am supposed to be.
Looking ahead to the future... I GET MY TRAVEL PLANS ON FRIDAY YA'LL!!! Fam you have no idea how excited I am to not only get those, but also get out of the MTC and into the "legit" missionary stuff! This also means that I will be calling you all on the phone in exactly 13 days!! I am so excited to talk to  you all. You all have to let me know if I can talk to you or whatever because i WANT TO SOOO BAD!! I neeed that phone momma! but not until next week!
This quote that Candace gave me is one of my favorite:
           "Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. NO MATTER WHAT" -unknown
 Family know that I love each and everyone of you SOOOO MUCH. My testimony grows each and every day I am out here. There seriously isnt one HOUR that goes by in which I am not thinking about you all. I pray for each one of you individually every night, meal time, and the morning. I love you guys so much and so does the Lord. Stay Strong fam and know that in 13 days I will be talking to yall on the telephone!
       "Enjoy to the End"
-Elder Cook
ps. yes I will be getting on later today to put on pictures and stuff so probably around 9 am and then throughout the day also. If you wanna chat get on around then! LOVE YALL

Fourth of July pics! 
Me in my missionary attire with ma dutch BvM (Jake check out the tie)
Landon and I on his first night
Our District's Fourth of July party.... looks wild huh?? (That is the chips and salsa you sent me momma!)
Just some fun in class!
My DISTRICT (All such studs)
My District on our Temple walk! Just chillllin!
Look up what this means in Dutch.... Prettttttty coooooool!! Its from our TRC
Christian and I at Sunday Temple walks
Saying goodbye to Elder Barker (the other week)

Well fam im sorry for all the miscommunication with chating, but i think its time for me to go now. I hope i get some letters this week.. deeey are da bessssssssst! I LOVE YOU GUYS and the next email you guys get will have my travel plans...... CRAZZZYYY! i love you guys, you guys are my motivation to keep pushing on. Just knowning that i have the "Cook" family name and the Lords name on my nametag is amazing,i get to represent the two things i love most in this world. I am so grateful to be apart of our family and the Lords. Alma 29:9- "an instrument in the hands of the Lord" L.O.V.E. U. G.U.Y.S.
-Elder Cook
ALMA 29:9

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