Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Week in the Mission Field!


 So I actually only have like 30-40 minutes to email, which means that I can't even read all of your emails and that means I am writing this email before I read any because I'm worried I'm not gonna have enough time to even send out an email!!! SO STRESSFUL. oh and real quick all the stuff you sent to the mission home/office I dont get that until this Thursday so that will be nice.  
Well family i've been in Netherlands for about 5 days now and well its been....... well lets just say I'm glad I'm not back on day 1. I have been called to work in the Rotterdam South area. My trainer is Elder Alfaro, he is mexican. He speaks 4 langauges and English is his worst language, lucky me right.. But yea its been a new experience that is for sure. Rotterdam is known as the Ghetto of Netherlands, which it definitely is. SUPER SUPER GHETTO as in nothing like the movie "The Best Two Years".  My trainer has never served here sooo we are always lost and since we are both new we dont know a single person here. oooh and did I metion that they are some of the most stubborn people i've ever met? Well yah they are. hahah so lets just say I'm getting extremely humbled right now. I think the dogs here speak better Dutch then me, which is not a good thing, and I have found myself on several occasions completely lost with just about every single thing I am doing. We have 0 investigators, 0 potential investigators, and we have taught 0 lessons... soo yea Europe is AWESOME.
Yea so how are you guys? (still havent read any of your emails yet and probably wont be able to until next week....awesome.)
hahha sorry for the bummer news its just been rough thats for sure. The lord is really humbling me and putting me in my place I guess. I will tell you all that I had my first rainstorm here on thursday and we got stuck in the rain for about two and a half hours... and me being a newbi didnt have my rain jacket and I was in a shortsleeve shirt... yah I looked like I just got out of a swimming pool.
Sorry for such a short email! I love you guys though. Seriously fam I miss you guys like crazy and love you guys so much. I am always thinking about you and praying for you guys. Not a minute goes by in which I'm not thinkin about little Henry or little Nora and all of you. I hope you all can feel my prayers. love you guys.
-Elder Cook
Ps: my new address is:

                      Elder Cook
                      Plotinusstraat #48
                      3076 NS Rotterdam
I would love some letters!

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  1. Carly, I'm so glad you're doing a blog for your brother! I love reading about him and all the things he's learning and the great work he's accomplishing! Thanks for sharing it!