Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WEEK #2 ya'll!!!

Holy cow fam bam! I woke up today at 5 am to do my wash (laundry is a piece of cake, i was born to do it) and all that jazz and when i got on my computer....... BAM 13 new emails!! gosh it made my day. SO THANK YOU! but fam im doin goood. Im gonna try to answer all of your questions in this email, but knowing me i probably wont. #sorrynotsorry Well fam bam let me start out by thanking all of you for your prayers and love.
This week began with a bang, as many of you may have heard Parker, Tyler, and Smeegs all came down here into the MtC and had lunch with James and I.. CRAZZZZY!! It was actually really funny because as i was using the toliet (standing up) parkers face appeared right over my shoulder! so at first i was like WHAAAAAAAAAT and then i was like wait, let me finish. so that caught me completely off guard. It was so great to see them and just reminded me that it stinks to be Parker and Tyler.. because im gonna get home a full month before them in 2015! HA. That following night i participated in my first blessing!! If you havent heard about the expreience just ask Mom or Candace. oh and Mom/ Candace the Elder that passed out is fine and a stud.haha  Dad i am doing my pushups every night and every morning, no need to worry im still gonna kick your neck off in the future. Oh and a tie every month would be awesome! The temple here in Provo is amazing, but still the SLC temple is my home. I am getting all your dear elders and they have seriously helped me everyday! THANK YOU CANDACE!!- i want some pics of Nora in this "tent" hahaha. MAAAAAAAAA I NEED SOME SOCKS! just like 3 pairs of normal white socks. that would be awesome. Anything else i didnt answer?

Lake Powell sounded awful. I want you all to know that i prayed for Petes car to brake down... REVELATION! HA. just messing! water skiing.. man oh man i miss that. Shmoe you bettter be tearing it up on the ski! your emails were awesome and im so grateful for them. Travis and shaua sent me pictures of Courtney and Carson in Powell, they were so awesome and looked so happy. But enought about lake powell.... it stinks anyways.  Mom you said you saw my schedule?? yea so all the "personal study time" they give you isnt really personal time,  its all classroom language learning time! speaking of the language.. its rough, but gonna be so worth it. Everday when i am feeling overwhelmed, as our teacher only talks in Naderlands, i just walk out in the hall and listen to the Thai or the Icelantics try to learn there language and find myself feeling extremely grateful for only having to learn Naderlands!  DA HEAT WON BABY!!! (picture will be coming) LEBRONNNNNNN JAMESSSSSSS!!!! dats right.
 This week has been so fun at times and then soooooo... well ya. But like i was told in a wonderful letter i got -"one smaill positive thought in the morning, can make a whole day." Family you are that positive thought i think about. Every night and every morning i do exactly what Alma 37:37 says "......when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God..." i thank the man upstairs every day for you guys. Know that i love each and everyone of you and miss you all so much. You guys have been my motivation this week and your going to be through out this two year Journey. It is no longer "Endure to the End" family.... It is "ENJOY to the End".


                               Elder Cook

 Ps. im on right now, but have to go to breakfast soon. but i will be getting right back on after. so if any of you wanna chat, i'd love to!

First picture is of me like 4 hours ago with 2 other elders in my district.

This pic is of me walking to the Marriott Center for the devotional. The elder in the back is one of my favorite elders in my district! he is a homie from texas and loves photo bombing.

me and my companion who is asleep at a devotional... 

this is me in class.... where i spend 10 1/2 hours a day...

well thats me in class again!

this would be my district, after we all had to poop in those little bags were holding....

My companion and I

Me with parker, Tyler, Smeegs, and James... they surprised me!

Jeffery R Holland right thurrrrr

me just doinnnn ma thanggggg

another one of me in class. EXTREMELY BORED.

Well fam! im gettin off for good. I'll talk to you all next week! please send lots of letters and love this week because they are much needed. I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY and really do miss each and everyone of you guys... especially you mom. LOVE YOU GUYS.

-Elder Cook

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