Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're not gonna believe what just happened today

Fam bam!
You're not gonna believe what just happened today. so after i finished emailing and all i went back to my unit and decided to take a nap since it was my p day. well i woke up and was literally standing over a urinal when freakin PARKER ROGERS all the sudden appears over my shoulder! hahhaha him, Tyler Robinson, and Smeegs got name tags and came down to the MTC! haha it was crazy. i had lunch with them annd everything. I just had to tell ya'll that!
but so yea i know all of you are driving back from powell right now but i just wanted to say that i miss you all and i hope you all read the letters that i sent you. I think i sent one to each one of you... except mom because a special one is coming for you! I love you all and really do miss each and everyone of you.
Alma 37:37- go read it fam, its what i do every single night and morning i wake up. Know that you all are in my prayers and that the lord is not only blessing me, but also blessing each and everyone of you. Try hard not to forget me and try even harder to never forget the lord.
LOVE YOU FAM!!! EttE (Endure to the End)
-Elder Cook

Alma 37:37

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