Monday, April 20, 2015


Lieve Familie,

        I love you. The love I have for each and every one of you just seems to grow and grow. It humbles me to know that I have such a lovely, caring, supportive family who inspires me! You are all awesome. 

  Well things here in Antwerpen are just newwwww. My son (comp) is a bosssss! Couldn´t have gotten a better young missionary. Elder Wilson is his name and he is from Calgary, Canada. He is the definition of “hipster” so he is really showing me some new hip fashion! HA. But it’s been a fun first couple of days back here in Belgium. We got left with absolutely nothing and the apartment seemed to have gone through world war 3 before we came, including a huge invasion of mold through out the shower- couldn´t think of a better way to end my mission:) 
   So far we have just been walking around A TON (we both don’t have bikes yet) and doing lots of contact/knocking doors. In otherwords.. Were doing the typical missionary work here. Back to the BASICS! I really am loving it. Elder Wilson is pretty funny when we are working because he is not yet used to it, everything is just new for him! However, it is awesome to see his “greenie fire” and high spirits while working.  It’s also nice to not have to worry about giving trainings or spend lots of time planning. Finally just get to chill with my comp and get work done. Were just hoping and praying for miracles here and planning on picking this city/area back up on its feet. 

  Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference so unfortunately we haven´t ready had a chance to meet too many members, but I did get the chance to see many close and dear friends of mine from Kortrijk and Eindhoven. It was a glorious re-uniting! I couldn´t wipe the smile from off my face. I love my mission and all those who have been a part of it. I hold them close to my heart. 

  At stake conference I came across a good friend of mine who I hadn´t seen in about 18 months. We served in the same district at the beginning of my mission. After we were talking for a bit she simple said.. “Wow, you have changed.” I was a little caught off guard by her comment, but then she corrected herself and switched the word from change to grown. I believe I have grown lots in the last 2 years or I should say- I have learned a lot the last 2 years. Being with Elder Wilson has also helped me realize.. Him just beginning his mission and me finishing mine. The mission has given me the opportunity to grow. To grow in a way that I would have never been able to have unlesss I came out. I am so grateful for that. My testimony has grown lots and also my love and understanding of the Gospel. Its true! 

Love you all! Have a great week, be safe, keep preparing for the homecoming, and ENJOY TO THE END! 

   Big Dude

Here is maaaa NEW MISSIONARY!! ELDER WILSONnnnnn!! 

Ps... Here is my legit house address.. Send letters to the following address:

    Sneeuwbeslaan 29-4
    2640 Wilrijk, Antwerpen


               Here is maaaa NEW MISSIONARY!! ELDER WILSONnnnnn!!

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