Monday, January 26, 2015

This is neat:) WEEK 85!!

Lieve Familie, 

            Where to even start... well yes, I am back. Back in goodòl Rotterdam Zuid! Back in the place where it all began. Only this time it is different. A LOT DIFFERENT. To be honest, it has been a very interesting adjustment for me to make. A lot has changed in the past 18 months or so.. including myself. So yeah, my last memories of Rotterdam weren´t the best so I am grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to do it over again. The Lord definitely likes to throw some curve balls, but I am planning on hitting this one out of the park.

   Yes, I am still doing the ZL thing. My comp is a lot different than how Elder Lee and I were. I really miss Elder Lee and our ``gangnam swag´´-He'll definitely be a friend for eternity. Elder Holt is 26 years old and from Canada and just hit his year mark. We should be learning lots from each other. Rotterdam Zuid is also A LOT different from anywhere else I have been in Nederland. I forgot just how ghetto and gangster it was. It’s like the "Bronx'' of Nederland, but full of poverty. I will have to take pics this week. 

 Anyways, this zone seems to be a lot different than the way we ran things in Eindhoven. Our zone here is smaller and close by each other (all within an hour of travel with Train) therefore we don’t have to travel far and we don’t have a car. Just walk walk walk, then walk some more and rely on public transportation. We will still be going on exchanges and working with other missionaries almost everyday and what’s funny however, is the fact that I am the oldest missionary in this zone. Seriously everyone here is extremely young. We have lots of new missionaries here and others that just hit their 3rd or 5th month mark on the mish. I guess you could say the atmosphere here is just something else. BUT I am looking forward to the opportunity and privilege I have to be here. 

Change is so interesting and honestly so unique. Coming back to Rotterdam has really enabled me to reflect upon the changing process I have gone through the past 18 months. Also seeing and working with all these young missionaries really just opens your eyes and, in a way, brings you to the realization of how much you have grown. It really makes me think and ponder about how weird or difficult it may be for my big adjustment coming up in the end of May/beginning of June. 
I have an endless love for my mission and will have that till the day I die. My testimony just continues to grow and I am starting to come to the conclusion that it is growing so fast and so strong because of the simple fact that it hasn't been easy. And I don’t expect it to get any easier. In life when things get hard how do we move on? How do we overcome it? Who do we go to for help? Or for healing? Well on a mission you learn to rely on Christ and Heavenly Father. You start praying more intensely, reading in your scriptures more diligently, and searching/seeking more sincerely for comfort. Nowww.. I cannot really explain how it has been done nor why they have done it, but I know that Heavenly Father and Christ have never left me. They have been with me since day 1. My mission has "awakened'' me to be able to realize the divinity of the Gospel and their never ending love. I am so grateful.

I miss you all and love you even more. Families are together forever, never forget that.

Have a great week and Enjoy to the End!

     Big Dude

      ""I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee''

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