Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Lieve Familie,

         Great week. This week was full of travel and just good ól great missionary work. I really enjoyed it. Since it was the last week of the transfer we had no more planning to do or trainings to give, so besides the traveling, we were able to just get back to the good ól basic missionary work. I´ve really missed it. This week we spent 2 days in Eindhoven while the other days were spent in Vlissingen, Arnhem, and Nijmegen working with other Elders. It was great and the Lord just keeps on giving me snickers bars. 

   Well you are never going to believe this, but I am re-living my mission right now.... transfers happened and I’m going (drum roll please!!!!!!!).... BACK to Rotterdam South! ``sterker door strijd´´! 

   Seriously I just cannot believe it! Such a blessing, just another snickers bar that I didn’t deserve. Ever since I left Rotterdam South I have always had the feeling that I would one day end up going back. I am very very excited to go back to where I began this whole journey! I totally thought that I would be training or doing something else, but looks like I will still be holding the same calling that I have now and will be working with a younger elder (elder Holt). It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be like walking down memory lane! 

   It’s sad and hard to leave Eindhoven and Elder Lee. I am truly going to miss them, but Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture here. I know that transfers are inspired. Heavenly Father has never sent, nor will he ever, send me down the wrong path. My trust, faith, and love for Him just keeps increasing.  Packing is just never fun:( 

The time is flying. I miss you all so much and love you even more. In my weekly emails back home I always try to write what I feel or how I am feeling, but as for now at this moment..  

``...Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.´´ (alma 26:16)

The mission is the greatest decision that I have ever made. I’m grateful. SO grateful. 
Be Safe, have fun, and Enjoy to the End family. The Gospel is true.
     Big Dude

Here is my new address:
            Polderlaan 20C
            3074 ME Rotterdam South

Pics: I think these pics describe my Joy!

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