Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NOG èèn JAAR Week 50

Lieve Familie,

              Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and the birthday shout outs that I received this last week. You really have no idea how much they all meant. I am so grateful for the continual support that I receive from you guys and am amazed from the love I feel for you all. I cannot describe it. SOOO THANK YOU!

              My birthday week was awesome! It was definitely a whole lot different from any other birthday but, nevertheless, I definitely cannot complain. Monday we spent the day with Marnix at the Gym and then spent the rest of the day in Brugge and then on the Beach in Oostende. Tuesday, the Leman Family had us over to celebrate my birthday and gosh I was just speechless the whole time because of the love that I felt. Following that, we took a train up to the Nederlands for our zone training the following day and had a great zone training about "Raising your expectations". It was very inspiring. Then it was back to Kortrijk where Elder Argueta and I truly just love the members here and ended up having a great week of missionary work.

           The work here is definitely increasing. I wish I could tell you all the details about our investigators that we have found and the amazing spirit that I have felt bearing my testimony, but I truly cannot put it down on paper. I really love the work here in Kortrijk. This place will always be special to me.

           Steven the Kick boxer is doing good. He seriously is just a boss and I'm excited to keep teaching him. Benno came to church yesterday which was soooo awesome and he is making some super progress. Froni en Pedro (the family we’re teaching) are making some serious progress and I have to say that they have been my favorite people to teach through out my whole mission. And we are now teaching this women named Beatrice. Last but not least we are also now working with this awesome Russian family who are less active, but we are going to do our best to just bring them friendship and joy! They are sooo chill! Hahah but YA- all these people have amazing stories and I am grateful for the privilege I have to help them receive more happiness in this life. After all, you cannot turn down happiness:) SOOOO YEAH WE STAY POSTIVE AND THE WORK IS GOOD LEKKKKKERR!


             Today just so happens to mark the day where I can officially say, "hey I only have one more year left of this adventure." This will get me really "chuncky" saying, but yes in exactly one year from today I will be seeing Mom and Dad. CRAZZZZY! Time really does fly. Soo peeps.... coming back to my sports... ITS HALFTIME! Its halftime of the biggest championship game yet and let’s just say, I am looking forward to this upcoming second half. Its going to be a tough second half with ups and downs, but when it’s all said and done... I know that I will just be saying the same thing I said last time I was in a championship game- "man I am so grateful and thankful to have had that opportunity". Gratefulness and always having a smile on your face is the KEY!

I Love you all so much. More than life itself. Thank you for the love and support. I am eternally grateful. Have a great week and please be safe. Party like its hot and YOLO it up. L.O.V.E.S.

     Big Dude

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