Monday, May 12, 2014


Lieve Familie,

            Wow it was so good to see you all yesterday and to hear from you all! You all look so great and just sooo soooo happy! It definitely was one of the best days I have had on my mission of just feeling so loved and cared for. So thank you.
            I would say however the hardest times always come right after the best times.. It’s just how the Lord always seems to work. So this morning was just one of those.. Wow I really really miss my family this morning. hahah but getting back into the missionary life and missionary mode shouldn’t be that hard for me.

            Well no call last night, which means no getting transferred! I am actually extremely happy and grateful for that because I just love the members here and just wasn’t ready to leave. My work here in Kortrijk definitely is not done. So Elder Argueta and I will be pounding out another good 6 weeks here together! As for the members... I think they were more excited than we were.. After getting dropped off at our apartment by Marnix- he is SO SO SO HAPPY that we are staying- we found another Member sitting on our doorstep waiting for us to get home to give us cake! Haha she knew also that we had the chance of getting transferred and well lets just say that we had a good little party right outside of our apartment at like 10 a clock at night because of the great transfer news! The love here in Kortrijk is just growing and growing between the members and us. It is crazzzy. They all told us that we are no longer missionaries to them.. We are like family. So awesome and just so amazing!
           In other news... Last week we just had a good'ol week with the members- going to Brussels and performing the HAKA with them in front of the Stake and ended up getting first prize! Haha yea it was awesome! - I think a member is going to put the video up on Facebook soon...
About the mission work here- things are going great. Elder Argueta and I are really gonna work our butts off to build this little Branch up here in Kortrijk. Now that we have full trust and love from the members we are just that much more motivated to get some miracles and bring some more love into the Branch Kortrijk. We have found a new stud of an investigator named Steven. He is a world champion kick boxer and lets just say he is exactly like the guy in the movie Never Back Down. He has his own Kick boxing gym and lives in the back of it! So LEGIT; We taught the first lesson to him and gave him a baptismal date for the 21 of June. He accepted and this week we plan on going back to go train with him and teach him. In other words I am super stoked to work out with this guy! And teach him of course:)

          I love you all like crazy and it was just so great to see you all yesterday. You all know that I miss you like crazy and have so much love for each one of you. Make good choices please and do the right thing! Support one another and never let anything negative or not positive come out of your mouth. Positivity kills all negativity... DUH! So just be happy, Smile, Live life, Laugh, do something dumb, I don’t know.... just never stop smiling people and don’t worry  "Everything will be okay in the end; And If everything is not okay, then it is not the end." I love you all.

Much Love,
     - Your son, brother, friend, and lekker ding... Elder Cook:)

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