Monday, September 2, 2013

Tot ziens Rotterdam

Mijn geliefde familie,

This past week has been super exciting. On Thursday, I had the opportunity to work with the AP's for the whole day which was super cool and such a learning/spiritual experience! Elder Burton, the AP that I worked with, taught me a lot and also helped me a ton with some of my problems. He honestly is a super dope guy who probably has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard.  We also got 2 new investigators named Serenity and Usha this week, who are 8 and 10 years old. And they both came to church and as many of you know it was "Fast Sunday" and yeaaah they both shared their testimonies. IT WAS SO COOL! They both took my hand and I walked with them up to the stand in sacrament and whispered into their ears what they should say! It was a super cool and humbling experience for me as I whispered dutch sentences into there ears and then having them share it with the whole ward. hahaha super COOL!

Hernandes, he has a baptismal date for September 28th! On exchanges with the APS we went and taught Hernandes and challenged him for baptism. Yeah he accepted and is getting "gedoopt" later this month! Super cool and super awesome, he is such a stud and the Lord has prepared him so well for us.

BUT UNFORTUNATLEY...... yea, transfers.

Family... Transfer week... and yup I am getting transfered. I am leaving the great ghetto city of Rotterdam and I am now going to be serving in Eindhoven. Me and Elder Cockbane (funny name right...) will be opening up this new zone and "white washing" once again. So not only have I white washed this city in Rotterdam and been with my trainer for only 6 weeks, The Lord has called me to go white wash another city with an Elder who has been here in the Nederland for 5 transfers. Prettttyy CRAZY! I am excited, but super sad and have a lot of crazy emotions about it.. I have grown to love Rotterdam and the people here. Its kind of just a crazy thing that I'm already leaving my trainer and going to "white wash" another city! "HET IS GEK"  also it is sad for me because I will no longer have the opportunity to teach Hernandes and also the two little girls. I have no idea why I am going to Eindhoven, but I guess that is where the Lord wants me to go.

Family this next couple of weeks is gonna be some tough ones, but I think my experience here in Rotterdam has prepared me (well I hope and pray). I will not get the new address until next week so dont send any letters to Rotterdam. You can send them to the mission offices until I get my new address.

I want you all to know that I love you guys and I am praying for you all everyday in my heart. There isnt 5 minutes that go by in which I dont think about you all and just feel so blessed to have a family like us. I carry around a little picture of you guys in my wallet and see it everysingle day I take the bus or train. I love you guys. I hope all is going well back home and know that someone in Europe is always thinking about you guys.
"Enjoy To The End"

-Elder Cook

Ps: I just printed out all of your emails so I can read them throughout the next week, meaning: I havent read any of your emails yet! So if you had questions sorry for not answering!


"Just another day on the job"
"Working with the AP's"
"Elder Burton and I"
"Serenity and Usha"
"These are the two girls that I have been teaching and have become best friends with! Also the ones who all 3 of us were sitting on the stand at church bearing our testimonies."

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