Monday, September 16, 2013

"Het Komt Goed Mannnn"


  Well what to say... familie missionary life is awesome! Its hard, humbling, stressful, etc, BUT awesome! I can't believe it's already half way through September. I literally felt like September just began - "WAT DE GEK"! It's super true here in the mission life- "days feel like weeks, but weeks feel like days"! Thus far in my mission I have had some crazy downs, some crazy humbling moments, and some crazy testimony building moments. Out of all these moments and the many more to come, all I got to say is THANK YOU. Nothing better then being thankful in life right?

 Oooh familie it was a good, crazy, WET week here in Eindhoven, Nederland! It rained every single day and I'm not just saying like the casual Utah light rain.. I'm talking about like raindrops the size of Dads bald spot on his head (pretty big right?) Every single day and night Elder Cockbane and I found ourselves biking through some crazy rain storm. We even knocked doors for 3 hours in the pouring rain and well the dutch kept true to their stereotype and i've never seen so many doors shut in my face.. haha it was legit! Soo yea this week we have spent a lot of time finding since we are white washing and trying to get familar with the ward. It's been tough and hard to stay positive, but I just have a feeling that all this hard work is going to pay off and something good is going to go down here in Eindhoven. We were left with one investigator though who is named Peter and he is a stud! He is a super cool dutch guy who has a huge family and is super positive, but "helas pindakaas" his whole family is atheist. But like I said: He seems super positive and I'm really excited to work with him and hopefully help bring him closer to Christ. (and also his family too, they just dont know it yet). But yea thats all the exciting missionary work here! YAYYYYYYYYYY! 

   Now let me tell ya'll about this morning- well this morning we organized a huge "ultimate soccer" P-day with our whole zone here in Eindhoven and it was freaking SICKKKK! It rained hard and also was super sunny so it was pretty legit. I also got to see all my buddies in the Zone which was super awesome and just have a super "rustig"  day! I have pictures and hopefully some videos that will send through! 

But yeah familie thats my life right now in Eindhoven and on the mission! Im doing good, just trying to stay positive every single day and live in the moment. I love you guys so much and always remember that there isnt a day that goes by where I don't think about you all. You guys are always in my heart and always in my prayers. My quote for jullie vandag is to just be thankful: "What if you woke up in the morning with only the things you thanked God for last night". Be thankful family. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. You all have made an impact and still continue to do so every single day of my life. I am so thankful for the Lord and for his atoning sacrifice for us. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be on my mission and to grow and be humbled everyday. And familie, I am even more grateful for the love and support I feel and have recieved every single day from jullie(YOU). You guys are my motivation and all my heros. I love you guys so much and remember that someone in Europe is always thinking and praying for jullie (you).

"Enjoy to the End"

-Elder Cook


"Selfie Sunday" (Check out the wet line on my pants....ya I was soaked!)
My MTC homies that I freakin love!
My Roomie and I
The Boys
This is Tony in Rotterdam ( I gave my first ever blessing to him)

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