Monday, September 9, 2013


Mijn geliefde Familie,
     Well family transfers happened. I am now serving in Eindhoven with Elder Cockbain! Let me first begin by saying Eindhoven is nothing like Rotterdam, HOLY COW IT IS BEAUTIFUL HERE! I went from the ghetto of Netherlands to a legit Netherlands town and city. It is super super "Netjes" and "ik vind het heel mooi"! Elder Cockbain is a G! He is from South Africa and has got one of the coolest accents in the world. Also here in Eindhoven, Elder Cockbain and I are living in a "4 man" house with the new Zone Leaders and lets just say it is a party. haha living in a 4 man is super fun, but also super dirty, but we have a good time! The ward here is pretty cool, but personally I like the ward so much better in Rotterdam. I had the opportunity to once again bear my testimony here in church and I find it so amazing how much confidence/ how much I have grown in the dutch language. The Lord definitely is blessing me with the language!
  Soo missionary life, well transfer is always fun because not only do we all have to pack up our whole life for 2 years into 3 suitcases, but we then get to go train hopping from city to city with all of our luggage and bikes. So if you could just picture 2 missionaries with 6 huge suitcases and 2 bikes jumping from train to train and getting lost (keep in mind we're all in suites) well then yea.. thats us! Its stressful, crazy, hectic, but fun. Missionary life here in Eindhoven though is pretty different then life in Rotterdam. Here we have an 83 year old man named Harry Van De Sande who literally is the funniest and most awesome old grandpa in the world! He comes every where with us. He loves missionary work so much that he even got a name tag from SLC headquarters to be matching with the missionaries! He is super cool and funny. Oh and he only speaks Dutch.... so in other words I am now talking dutch 24/7, Seven days a week!! its hard, but really good for my dutch.
Since Elder Cockbain, The Zone Leader, and I are all "white washing" this city we have absolutely no idea where to go and don't know anyone here.... haha so we've been spending a lot of time doing finding and knocking on doors, fun right?? Its gotten to the point where i've done so much street contacting this week that I am now trying to use fruit, a soccer ball, bike, etc in a street contact to mix it up and it gets pretty fun and crazy! haha Yea so we dont have very many people to work with here, but we're determinded to find and get some investigators. 
Eindhoven is a total student town though, as the Universities here are HUGE, so there is like 2465465132 college students. It makes me miss college a bit, but "HALAS PINDAKAAS".   Familie I'm having fun, but I really hope and pray that Elder Co Bain and I will see some success here. The transition definitely has been hard, but a positive attitude changes everything. So no matter what comes our way or no matter what struggles we're going through we all need to be thankful. Being Thankful is just amazing and I love it. I am so thankful for all of you back home and I am so thankful for this gospel. I love you all and miss you all so much. You are all in my prayers everynight and every second in my heart. I love you familie and I am so proud of every single one of you.
-Elder Cook
Ps. Chloe my sweet little angel- Shmoe I am so sorry and sad to hear about your wrist. I want you to know that I love you so much and will be praying for you super hard this week. Be thankful shmoe and keep your head up okay? Don't let anything or anyone ever bring you down! Stay strong my little angel and know that I love you.
Pss: my new address is:  KLUIZENAARSTRAAT #13
                                       5641 HE EINDHOVEN

This is Hernandes (It was an emotional goodbye and I'm really hoping I get to go to his Baptism)
My last day in Rotterdam just talking on the phone
BYE BYE TRAINER (Elder Alfaro)
ELDER COCKBAIN AND I (outside the church like 5 minutes ago)
Here are the people I'm living with
Me and my boy HARRY just chillin (also taken about 5 minutes ago)
Eating HERRING at a members house on Monday night

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