Monday, August 26, 2013


 Family let me first begin this email by saying prayers were answered.
Okay soooo this week was AWESOME. It started out pretty rough not gonna lie, but Elder Alfaro and I were extremely blessed. Family I found my reason for being here in Rotterdam. Before I tell you this reason I want you all to know that we have a goal and eyes set on having 4 baptisms next month.... YES I SAID 4! As I have said, "WONDEREN"!! So this week Elder Alfaro gave me the responsibility to lead not only the lessons this week, but everything that had to do with speaking dutch. Including, street contacting, door knocking, church meetings, and also taking the lead in lessons. Holy cow it was so humbling and hard, but so much fun.
Familie my reason for being here in Rotterdam is because of a man named "Hernandes". We met him "opstraat" (on the street) he is from Surinam and about 33 years old. He told us a little bit about his life and how religion has played a role, but he accepted our number and said he would call us. Well that usually means we will never get a call. haha but yeah, we got a call! He called us just two days later and we set up an afspraak met hem voor zaturdag. As we entered his house I had an overwhelming feeling take over me, and I'm not exaggerating at all. Anyways we began talking to him and telling him about the Book of Mormon. It was an alright lesson and after about 30-40 minutes he began to tell us once again about all of his problems in life. Well... that overwhelming feeling came back to me and I opened the Book of Morman to 1 nephi 9:6. I waited patiently for a good time to share it with him and when I felt prompted to, I gave him the scripture. As he began to read it out loud.. well he couldn't even finish the scripture. Tears filled his eyes. Tears then began to fill my eyes. As I bore testimony of this scripture and also of the gospel the spirit absolutely took over. It was amazing. The lesson ended with Hernandes and I hugging, both with tears in our eyes. Familie this is my reason for being here in Rotterdam I believe. He came to church the next day and loved it and pretty much told me he wants the gospel in his life. We plan on giving him a baptisimal date this week and Elder Alfaro and I are just feel so extremely blessed.
As for the other 3 future baptisms hopefully... We are now also teaching two 8 year old girls and a 10 year old girl and they all want us to teach them about baptism. Familie it is amazing at the things the lord is blessing Elder Alfaro and I with right now. We have been working our butts off, but still we both feel like we dont deserve this. The lord is amazing and I just feel so blessed right now.
Familie I really just want to thank you all, each and every one of you. You all should know that I carry around a picture of you all in my wallet and everytime we are talking about families in a lesson I immediatley pull out my picture of you guys and say "Hernandes (or whoever we're teaching) this is my family and I am so grateful that this gospel and the lord has given me the opportunity to not only live with them in this life, but for eternity. They are my joy and my angels. They are the greatest thing to me on this earth."
Mom, Dad, Candace, Jake, Carly, and Chloe... thank you guys. You guys really are all so amazing and know that I love each and everyone of you. You all are always in my heart. I strongly invite you all to do family prayers and just be thankful. If there is something that I have learned through the adversity that I have had, it is to just simply be grateful. I Love you all so much and in everything we do.... "ENJOY it TO THE END""
-Elder Cook
1 Nephi 9:6
Just another day of personal study....
Elder Alfaro and I.... This describes our relationship.
Chillin in BELGIUM

Chillin in BELGIUM

Chillin in BELGIUM

Me and Homer Simpson doing some studying..
Just another day in Netherlands
Elder Alfaro and I

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