Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Sterker Door Strijd" Week 10!

Before I even begin this email I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ANGEL! Chloe "the SHMOE-IN-ATER" Cook! Holy cow chlo! 14 wow.... WHY ARE YOU SO OLD? STOP. I hope you got my letter I sent to you for your birthday??!....  I also wanna give a shout out to Brookie and say Happy Birthday last Wednesday! Oh and of course my two favorite girls who I will never forget... PACK TWINS (Neela and Neena) Happy Birthday 2 weeks ago! I'm sorry I missed ya'lls birthdays, I didnt really have a choice. hahah but know that I love you all!!
Real quick... so all the letters you guys have been sending me have been going to our neighbors, so for example: today I got all your letters and my two month package from our neighbor.. it was really funny, but definitely came at the right time! haha
Well familie, where to begin. Today in Rotterdam its been raining cats and dogs, literally. 2 feet of rain in the streets! Every morning at 6 am Elder Alfaro and the Zone Leaders and I go play soccer (so none of us get fat) and today we played in the POURING RAIN! It was pretty awesome, but soooo cold. I have pictures, but once again stupid euorpean laptop is... well stupid and I cant send any photos.
So what else happend this week.. well oh yea I went to BELGIUM! Holy cow it is B.E.A.UTIFUL! Once again I have pictures, but stupid laptop. Its was so awesome to go down to Belgium though, it seriously is so freaking pretty. I dont know if it is just because I am in the ghetto ditry streets of Rotterdam or what but I felt like I was in a whole new world of awesomeness! hahah It was also super cool to see all my buddies again. Gosh I missed them and getting to spend a full day with them was much needed. I also had 3 Belgium Waffles and a whole box a Belgium chocolate and HOLY COW! SMAAKT LEKKER!! (look that word up). so gooood!
We also spent all day Saturday doing service with my favorite member family, they are called Famile Winters, I'm pretty sure i've talked about the before. But we helped their Grandma move out of her house and into another which was a ton of work, but super chill.......not sketch at all. We had a ton of dinner appts this last week and have even more to come, the food is so freakin good here.

But yea spiritually... well since it was a crazy week of going to Belgium and having two day exchanges we didnt find or have any new investigators, but we're really trying to have a lot of faith this week and set a goal to visit as many Less actives as we possibly can. Elder Alfaro has kind of put me in charge this last week and also this week of taking control throughout lessons and contacting people, so my dutch (nederlands) has gotten significantly better. Still a lot of work to do. Still need a lot more faith.
Familie life is getting better. Rotterdam is an awesome area and actually as transfers are coming up in two or so weeks I'm kind of hoping to not get transfered. Weird right? I'm actaully liking rotterdam... haha but familie GOSH I MISS YOU GUYS. Seriously there is not a day that goes by, actually an HOUR, that goes by in which I dont think about you all. I love you guys so much, more than all of you could imagine. Mom and Dad... my letter I sent you guys still didnt have enough love behind it. You two seriously make me so proud and so grateful. Whenever I think about you guys, which is just about ever 5 minutes, a warm feeling comes to my heart because I can feel your love. Yes even though I am in a whole nother country I can feel your love, ALL OF YOUR GUYS' LOVE. and I hope and pray that you all can feel mine.
D&C 118:3  love you guys.
"Enjoy To The End"

-Elder Cook

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