Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Mij mooi en geveldig familie,
Well what a long week it was. I decided that in my email this week I'm just gonna tell ya'll about what has been going down here in Rotterdam Zuid! Things have been interesting that is for sure. On Saturday we pulled weeds for a family who are members for literally about 4 hours, but they are my favorite ward family and super nice! Also they fed us a '"real Nederland BBQ" and holy cow it was the best BBQ I have ever had! (I'm getting fat guys, no joke.) Also The past week we have been teaching a "J-DUB" (also known as a Jeavoh Witness) and it has been super intense. The first time we knocked on his door he was speaking dutch and spanish so the first time we were with him my companion spoke to him in spanish the whole time....yeah I had no idea what in the world was going on! but anyways turns out that when we went back and visted him again, he pulls out an english bible! WHAT THE HECK he speaks english also??!? Yeah thats right so I took my opportunity to finally talk! It was a pretty cool experience for me to finally actually teach someone and truly say what was on my mind. Nothing came out of it really because he was brainwashed by the J-Dubs, but it definitely was a nice experience for me.
But I actually really wanted to talk about a family from Croatia that we have been visiting. I wrote mom and dad a letter about this family. Its a family of 4, with 2 children who are 8 and 6 years old, and the wife is pregnent. Well anyways, they have nothing. And when I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing. The Dad is a super humble guy and has been trying to find a job here for the past month and just a little heads up.. finding a job here in the Netherlands is about 5xs harder then in Amerika.) We walked into their apartment and they have one plastic fold up table and one mattress on the floor. The kids and wife sleep on the bed while the dad sleeps on the dirty floor. Unfortunately there is only so much we can do as missionaries as far as helping them with food and financial needs. I guess I am telling you guys all this because we really are so blessed by the Lord for all the things we have in our life. It really was a good time for me to reflect and just think about how blessed I have been. Super humbling experience.
Man there are so many experiences I wish I could just tell you all about. A more quick funny story to lighten up the mood and maybe get a laugh from ya'll... So yesterday after church we went and knocked on a lady named "Carena" door and turns out she was locked outside of her apartment.. Well we showed up and there was about 5-8 people sitting outside trying to help her. No one had a key and she lived on the second floor of the apartment. Turns out the balcony door was open though, and I bet you all can guess who decided to climb up the 2 story wall and open up her door... ME! haha so if you guys could just picture me rock climbing up some apartment with my missionary attire on hopefully you all just smile! haha and because I did it she decided to meet with us tonight and learn about the gospel!! wahhhhoooooo! haha
Well yeah fam thats really all. well thats not all, but thats all the time I got! haha I love you guys so much and am thinking about you all a ton. Chloe good luck in your game tomorrow! Dont forget to use my advice that I wrote you! Your gonna kill it I know it! Jake keep on working hard brotha! Cand and Winst have fun in Hawaii, just remember it was shark week..... Carly holy cow I miss my best friend. I love you so much!! Mom and Dad, I actually wrote you both a letter and sent it a couple of days ago.. I hope you got it! I love you guys though and am always praying for you!
Ik heb veel liefda voor jullie!
-Elder Cook

Ps. Sorry for not sending pictures.. this european laptop I am on is mentally retarded and not letting me send pictures~! sorry. As soon as I figure out a way, I will send some!
*Also I forgot to mention that this Wednesday is that day I get to go down to Belgium and see all my friends and hang out with them for the day!! super excited. LOVE YOU ALL!!

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