Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We zijn er bijna! WEEK 100!!

Lieve Familie,

          It was great to see you all! You all looked soo good and I am just so grateful for the love and support that you all have given unto me the past 23 months; without it I would have never made it. You guys are more than awesome and more than the best, JULLIE ZIJN WONDERBAARLIJK! 

  This last week was a very interesting weeeek. It almost felt like a mini mission vacation.. It started off with Interviews with President and His wife, I really love them so much! President Robinson and Zr. Robinson are two very inspired disciples of Jesus Christ who I love and respect. They will be headed home right after me so I plan on keeping good contact with them. Following the interviews we spent the next day on exchanges with our good friends who you met on Skype. Got some good missionary work done and enjoyed every moment of it. Following that, we took our little mini mission vacation up to Nederland for the weekend. Elder Wilson had to go up to Den Haag to pick up legality papers so he could actually be legal here in this country and I was asked to speak at one of my good friends baptisms, Mark Heijdermans. 

So on our mini vacation I was able to visit dear friends of mine and say some final goodbyes. It was all soooo bittersweet! Harder than I thought it was going to be. The baptismal service was absolutely awesome! At this baptismal service I spoke once again about the Gift of the Holy Ghost- I love that topic because there is no better satisfaction that this life can offer than feeling the love and confirmation that your Heavenly Father loves you through the Holy Spirit. Seeing Mark enter the waters of baptism was like putting the cherry on top to ending this amazing journey I have been on. Mark is a great Dutch man who is the manager of a hydraulics company that he helped build up. Being able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help Mark come closer unto Christ was and still is a great privilege in which I feel extremely blessed and humbled for. Seeing him accept his Saviors love and the love of Heavenly Father truly inspired me and I am grateful for his example. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

After this great mini vacation we returned to Belgium and were able to teach an amazing lesson to these two new friends of ours. Another Mark actually and his wife Kadiatu. The spirit was very strong as we were able to share the message of the Restoration with them and tell them how much Heavenly Father loves each of them. Their hearts we touched. Tears were shed and testimonies were shared. It was powerful and they both accepted baptism! Miracleessss:) 

So this last week just has been a very blessed week. The mission has been and still is one of the greatest journeys I have in my life. Not one prayer is said without thanking Heavenly Father for this privilege I have to give all my time, energy, heart, might, mind, and strength to serve Him. These last 2 weeks I am going to continue to give it all to Him.

Love you all so much, I will continue to pray for each and every one of you. Have a great week, be safe, party like its hot (weather is really getting HOT), go big or GO HOME, say your prayers, tell one another that you love them, and ENJOY TO THE END! 
Christ lives! 

    Big Dude

Pics: Here some pics of Mark!

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