Monday, November 17, 2014

Gift of Understanding...Week 75!

Lieve Familie,

                “Seek first to understand, instead of being understood” 

                This above is an important lesson that I have learned several times while being on my mission. We are all different. No one is completely the same. It definitely makes life just that much more harder, but also that much more exciting.
     Many times I had the thought of “why don’t some people just understand or understand what I am trying to do for them?!” I believe this happens a lot to us.  I have had so many experiences where I have really had to put myself in someone else’s shoes and just try to understand them or understand where they come from instead of judging them and assuming that they just aren’t right.
     Then there are times where we find ourselves on the other side of the situation saying “if only people understood what I am going through right now or where I am coming from”.. In life there are many decisions to be made and choices to make; sometimes we don’t understand the choices or decisions of others and we assume or sometimes even judge thinking why don’t they understand. Then we also have times in our life where we make a decision or a choice that leaves many people questioning and not understanding the WHY behind it. I mean lets be honest, this happens so much in life. Everyone has their own ability to choose. But I believe that when it comes to understanding one another (before we go make assumptions or judge the choice of another, whether it was a good one or a bad one) let us all ask the question of “are we seeking to understand or to just be understood?”. It has helped me so much when dealing with investigators, missionaries, members, etc. It is important to communicate with one another and seek for understanding instead of being understood. 

  Well with that said, this week just flew right by! Pretty much same old same old. I was able to get 2 full days of work in here in Eindhoven while I spent the other days working in different cities with different missionaries and gave a training and planned for upcoming events. It wasn’t the most exciting week, however we did see lots of miracles and have been amazed at the many blessing we receive. In spite of us being often away, we (Elder Rudolph and I) have been able to see many miracles here in Eindhoven. We have currently 3 Baptismal Dates who are making lots of progress and seem to be very excited about learning more. I really do enjoy the hard work, but I also know that my efforts need to be in line with what the Lord wants. After all, if there is one thing that I have learned about this work it is that the fact that this is His work and definitely not mine. My testimony continues to grow and I am really really loving Eindhoven/the Mission.

  I just want you all to know that I love each and every one of you. Words cannot describe the love I have for you all. I miss you guys a lot and I love you even more. I am so grateful for the mission, it has changed my life and brought so much light into my life. I know that God lives and loves each and everyone of us. Jesus Christ is his Son and is our Savior and Redeemer, #becauseofhim life has no end. His Gospel is the plan of true happiness and happiness is what our Heavenly Father wants for us.  
Enjoy to the End peeps! 

      Big Dude

pics: there was a light show here in Eindhoven where they light up all the Cathedrals and such. We went with the young men and women. 

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