Monday, April 21, 2014


Lieve Familie,

               What a special weekend it was for everyone who believes in Christ around the world. To say that I am grateful for the event that took place this last weekend just about 2000 years ago would be an understatement. No matter what I say or try to say... well it just isn’t enough. It is something so truly amazing and I am so truly eternally grateful- so grateful that as I think upon it my heart begins to swell with such great love and compassion for my Savior and Redeemer and one of my best friends Jesus Christ. So amazing that through him we have eternal families and can have eternal life. Gosh I love that man! 

                Well this last week was actually just a blur.. I seriously can’t even remember much. The only thing that I can really is remember is the fact that Patrick and (drum roll please)... His wife, Mimi, both came to church! Yes finally his wife, Mimi, came to church! It’s was so awesome and tonight I am hoping that we can throw down a baptismal date with her. I really do love this family and to have the privilege and opportunity to teach them and watch them just feed off and accept the gospel has been so humbling and a big testimony booster for me. This week we plan on teaching Tithing... which is going to be hard and gonna require a lot of faith, but that is what the gospel and life is all about- having faith that everything will be okay as you put your trust in the Lord. So this week they will be needing a lot of prayers:) 

              As far as the members go here in Kortrijk I just feel so blessed and grateful to have the privilege to serve them and grow really strong relationships with them. I have grown some really good strong relationships here with the members and I just know that it is going to be hard to leave them in the future. One of the members here who also happens to be in the Stake Presidency has seen/noticed that I have an obsession with road bikes- so he wants to plan on going on a ride together when Mom and Dad come pick me up. I told him that I'm going to kick his neck off. hahah Kortrijk will definitely be an extremely sacred/holy ground for me on my mission so this place will always be in my heart! 

           Family, Friends, other people who waste their time reading my emails... just know that I miss you all so much. I miss you more then I miss a McDank at McDonalds. Seriously my love and appreciation for each and every one of you is indescribable and is something that I hold so close to my heart. The love I have for you guys will never go away. The love I have for you all is so real and so special to me. I love you all and so does the Lord Jesus Christ for he gave his own life for each and everyone of us. His love is indescribable and I am so grateful to have knowledge and faith that because of him eternal families are possible and that one-day we will all be able to return back to his presence and live in endless joy and happiness and never EVER have to say goodbye. Just imagine.. Never ever having to say goodbye. I am so grateful for that. 

LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART! Be safe this week and party like its hot:)

    -Elder Coooook

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