Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Lieve Familie,

            Wow. I am honestly speechless and a little teary eyed right now due to the phone call that Elder Thomas and I just received. President Robinson has just informed us that we will both be leaving the beloved city of Den Haag on an emergency transfer. Elder Thomas will be going to a city called Tiel which is by the border of the Nederlands and Belgium and I, Elder Cook, will be going to the farthest south point of the mission to a little city called Kortrijk in Belgium. Seriously speechless. No one will be replacing us here in Den Haag so looks like were giving all of our wonderful investigators and friends to the other missionaries here.
            I will not get into much detail about it, but something has happened in Kortrijk regarding the missionaries and the work down there. All I can say is that it hasn't been going good. So I have been called, along with my new younger companion Elder Argueta, to go white wash it and change it around. President has given this assignment very seriously to us and not gonna lie, that mantel (or responsibility) that was placed on my shoulders when I got set apart..- yeah it just got a lot heavier. But yah know what.. "GEWOON DOEN".  The only thing that I know about the area, besides that they are struggling really bad, is that the language is completely different. "Flemish" is what I will be learning and also a some French... so YEAH...  just another one of those great test that the Lord has given to me.
            This is definitely a big change full of excitement and also tears. I am seriously going to miss being here in Den Haag, it is easy for me to say that this has not only been "Holy Ground"  for me and a very special place, but also to say that I love the people here. The Ward here really is awesome and I have learned to love many of the members here. These past 4 months, or however long I have been here, I have seriously made amazing, never ending, friendships and bonds with people who have had a serious impact in my life. I am going to miss beloved Barrie, Ethlyn, Dirk, Dennis, Albert, and etc. I am also going to miss the amazing members here. GOSH there are soo many great members here, I can’t even explain it. Den Haag is a special place for me and I am already looking forward to coming back in the future.

             But familie this isn't gonna stop anything because even though the country, language, companion, and ward will be different, it's still the Lord's work. It's not my work, it's not anyone else's work, actually who cares who is even doing the work.. it is the Lord's work and He is behind this and has a plan for everything. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME and the amazing time I have had here in Den Haag and the amazing time I had with the Magic 3 and also the dynamic duo all took some time. And it is all in His time.  There is no doubt in my mind that there are more friendships to be made down in Kortrijk and people who need to hear the gospel. His plan really is crazy and unexpected, but it is perfect; and He knows what He is doing and is preparing a way to accomplish his works (1 Nephi 9:6).  KORTRIJK... WEEE COMINNNNN BABYYYY!! 

Love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers.

            -Elder Coook(ie)
Ps: Hier is mij nieuw adres

Jan Persijnstraat 20 B3 bus 1
Kortrijk 8500

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  1. This is indeed moving to read, about the transfer.
    I am going to look elder Cook up in Belgium, for sure! He has been a great companion to my son, Alder Alma Alade and they have become friends.

    Btw, the older lady in the picture above is Siegried van der Put. I have known her for a long time and she has always been a good friend of mine. Good to see they went there, last week. She always has something uplifting to say. I am sure good things are ahead in Kortrijk!

    Love, Petra Chardon